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Promotional pens

Printed PensPromotional pens are one of the most functional and popular promotional products available.

Clients often ask us - ‘which products will work best for us?’.  Allcompanies and organisations are different, their marketing andcommunication objectives differ also.  There are no ‘magic promotionalproducts’ - ‘one size fits all’.  However there are some products thatwe recommend over others because of their functional value. Promotional pens are one such product.

Printed PensPromotional pens fall into two categories - metal and plastic.  Plastic promotional pens are favoured for high volume low unit cost promotions.  Often used attradeshow events or as low cost giveaways your branding, logo ormessage can be printed on them quickly and cheaply.  Metal promotional pens costa little more but give years of promotional value.  All the promotionalmetal pens we offer can be refilled.  Alike plastic giveaway pens metalpens can be printed or engraved for higher value promotions. 

The ‘cost per impression’ - the number of times the product is viewed by the recipient of metal pens can be just as low as plastic pens because of their longer life.

Why not consider how these promotional evergreens can helpstrengthen your brand and build business - for small businesses tomultinationals.  Email us your query (promotionproducts.com.au is an online wholesaler of pens Australia-wide) or call and talk with a friendly person - 1300 303 717.


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