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Printed Balloons - Latex or Foil?

Most of us think of balloons as made from latex, or as someone told us, it is made from rubber so we will refrain from kissing it. But while this is true, we remain largely ignorant to the fact that another material is used for making balloons these days: foil. It may seem unlikely that foil is used for making balloons, but ever the discoverer, promotional companies have used it for Printed Balloons. Because as they put it, anything printed on something that is filled with air can attract people's attention. Although these two materials can be used at just about any time and by any business type, debate continues to rage whether which one is more beautiful. So to settle it, here's a comparison of these two materials. Latex Balloons
  • Advantages:
    • This is the more common of the two so it is much easier to look for the material. It can be bought from just about any store supplying party needs.
    • Latex is expandable, so latex Printed Balloons can be filled with air to such proportion that one who looked at the balloon before being filled with will find it difficult to believe that the balloon can grow to such size.
    • Latex balloons can be twisted and manipulated into several shapes.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Latex balloons can fly away if the owner losses grip of it. When this happens, the promotions goes bye-bye too.
    • Latex balloons are not the cleanest material around. Sometimes, it is not good for kids especially those fond of putting just about anything into their mouth.
Foil Balloons
  • Advantages:
    • Because it is a unique and newer concept among the two, foil Custom Printed Balloons are commonly used as promotional items.
    • Foil balloons are more stylish than latex balloons.
    • It is a perfect gift for personalised gifts. Give it to your loved one during birthday or to express congratulatory message to someone.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Foil balloons cannot be twisted or fashioned into shapes once filled with air. They come in pre-ordered shapes that take form once filled with air.
    • Unlike latex balloons that float when filled with ordinary air, foil Printed Balloons are devoid of this attitude so it has to remain tethered to the owner, either through a stick or through a string. In any case, they remain tied to the ground.

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