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Promotional Erasers - Something People Can't Forget

Mistakes are inevitable in life. Even those who have repeatedly professed their certainty on an object given the various alternatives around, mistakes still do come up once in a while. Although of course it is not pleasant to wish people to make mistakes, isn't it reassuring to them if they feel your comforting presence during these times of errors? For promotional companies, it is not only beneficial to the person but also a great way to promote the business. How? Through Promotional Erasers! Advantages of Using Erasers in Promotions It may seem odd but erasers, just like pens, are now also used in promotions. Some of the advantages for its use in promotions are:
  • Erasers and pens or pencils go together. If writing tools can be used in promotions, so too can corrective tools.
  • They are handy and easy to use. Even if they are not attached to anything, they still can be used. They can be placed in one's pocket, in a pen holder, or in a pencil case.
  • Promotional Erasers can also be printed with the company's name or logo. This makes them a great tool for promotions.
  • Unlike other promotional items, erasers are much cheaper. This very low cost allow companies to buy large quantities of erasers even if the promotions budget is small.
Some Challenges Just like other promotional products, there are also some reservations expressed by some businesses on the use of Promotional Erasers. Some of these doubts are:
  • Erasers do lose their beauty with frequent use. It may reach the part where, because of frequent use, the company's mark becomes obliterated.
  • Erasers are too tiny to print a business' name or logo on it. Even if printing is possible, the letters may be too small as to be unidentifiable.
  • Because they are too tiny, erasers are so easy to lose or get misplaced. When this frequently occurs, the promotions go for naught.
Despite criticisms against the use of Promotional Erasers, its popularity doesn't seem to fade. For one, it is a mobile medium in promotions. So it remains the favourite of companies that want to promote their business far from its traditional boundaries. On the other hand, the life span of an eraser lasts for months even for those that are frequently used. So the promotion is not likely to fade anytime soon.
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