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Promotional Letter Openers: Things You Need to Know

Admit it. Letter openers are luxury items. Only the rich and the sophisticated people use them. The average person will most likely just open their mails by ripping the envelopes open. But that's one thing that promotional experts saw in letter openers. They turned them into Promotional Letter Openers that everybody can have and use. As promotional items, letter openers provide a good avenue for company and business owners to have their names and logos advertised. These promo items are easy to find, are very affordable, and come in a wide selection of styles and designs that choosing the right one for your promotional campaign would not be a difficult job at all. As promotional items, you can send out letter openers as gifts and presents to your target market, as rewards and bonuses for your loyal employees, or as holiday giveaways for your favourite customers. Regardless of how you will use them in your promotions, letter openers will surely do the job effectively and efficiently. Simple Facts about Letter Openers You think you know every single bit of detail about Promotional Letter Openers? We don't think so. Here are some little details you should know about these wonderful promotional items:
  • The letter opener is sometimes called a paper knife.
  • It is likened to a sharp knife with longer blades and used to open mails, slit pages in a book that are uncut, and open packages faster.
  • They have been used as promotional products for many decades now.
  • They are generally made of plastic, metal, and wood and sometimes a combination of two or all of these three materials.
  • There are electric Promotional Printed Letter Openers that are run by a motor. Although more expensive than the regular ones, they are able to speed through and open large volumes of letters.
  • These letter openers make for amazing gifts for both men and women.
  • More and more businesses and companies have been using these letters as promotional items and promotional products that they give away to their customers, personnel, and favourite clients.
  • Letter openers come in a good range of varieties in the market. They come in various designs, styles, prices, sizes, materials, and even shapes.
  • There are Promotional Letter Openers whose blades can be replaced or sharpened when they go blunt after too much using, while other types need to be completely replaced.
  • A hand-held letter opener can be used as a powerful weapon when the need arises for self-defense
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