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Promotional Lighters - Giving Light to Promotions

There are instances that even when thoroughly planned, promotions do not work out as expected. What is needed is something that will give the business some kick that will enable it to overcome odds. Especially when using the common promotional items fail, the answer is to turn to something unique but something that people can still have some use for. Something that can light up people's day. Something like Promotional Lighters. Common as it may seem to be, it is one of the few things that are not commonly used in promotions where products like pens and shirts dominate. This rarity in promotions can work just fine for you. What Are Promotional Lighters? It is the term used to refer to lighters that are printed with the name or logo of the business. In some cases, the print is made on the casing of the lighter although most of the time the print is found on the wrapping of the lighter, which is either plastic, cloth, or leather. Regardless of its wrapping, Promotional Lighters bear some mark that will identify it as something courtesy of a business. In some cases, these lighters are given along with a pack of a famous cigarette brand. Where Is It Commonly Used? The range of companies that use Bargain Promotional Lighters as personalised gifts is practically limitless. Unsurprisingly, among the first companies to use it for promotions are cigarette makers. On the other hand though, perhaps because they do not want to see lighters used as a joke against them or perhaps they do not want to invite arsonists' attention, gas companies do not give them away. Some of the companies fond of using lighters for their promotions are:
  • Hotels. From 3-star to five star hotels, lighters are favourite media for promotions.
  • Pubs and music bars are also common users of lighters for promotions. This is true especially in the case of pubs where cigarette smoking is something that is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. Here, Promotional Lighters are sometimes given after a customer purchases a certain amount of drinks.
  • Promotional Lighters are also sometimes given away as souvenirs for attendance in events like concerts or festivals. This is one instance wherein lighters are used as promotional items. Such lighters are given courtesy of promotional companies or event organisers in charge of the event to show their gratitude for those who supported the activity with their attendance.

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