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Promotional Notepads - Designs to Choose From

For many, notepads are those tiny little pads that try to imitate the usefulness of a full-sized notebook. However, because it is too small, not too many people pay much value to it. As a result, most notepads end up in the trash heap. If your business is using notepads for promotions, surely you wouldn't want yours to end the way others have. You want it to be different and to help create a market presence for your business. The answer to this is to use artistic Promotional Notepads. Various Notepads to Choose From
  • Sticky notepads. This type of notepad got its name from the adhesive surface at the back of the pad that allows the paper to stick to most surfaces. The commonly used items are the Post-It notepads in some places. This is the type of notepad commonly seen atop conference pads on office tables.
  • Another type of Promotional Notepads is magnetic notepads. Just like sticky notepads, this one also sticks, although only on metallic surfaces. The back cover of the notepad is equipped with a magnet while the pad remains in place. This is commonly seen on refrigerators with a recipe or a reminder of some sort.
  • Printed notepads are the most numerous types of notepads. Cheaper and easy to produce in large numbers, promotional companies love them. One reason for this is that the print is either the name or the logo of the company. This is also available in various forms, from small pocket size notepads to school notebooks. It is used as ledgers in many stores or record book for inventories because it comes with the right size. No wonder it is one of the top promotional items.
  • Perhaps the well-sought pads among all Printed Promotional Notepads is the compendium. Handy and often with its own pen, the compendium can be made more attractive if it comes with a leather cover. The compendium can be used as a diary, a handy notebook, or sometimes an organiser seen on top of conference pads on office tables.
  • Although not a promotional notepad by itself, another implement that is often distributed along with the notepad is the notepad holder. Usually made from plastic or metal, this holds the notepad in place. This makes it easier for anyone to take one page. It also makes using notepads neater because the notepad will not be placed just about anywhere.

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