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Promotional Post It Notes as Promotional Giveaways

A Post It note is now a must-have in every corner of office cubicles, in shops, and even in our homes, and so this has been one of the promotional giveaways that came to mind to some advertisers. Promotional Post It Notes was not a bad idea after all for the mere reason that it is used every day in offices. It becomes an exposure for the imprinted brand or company. Promotional Post It Notes make great promotional giveaways because they have no specific target audience since anyone can use it. Post It notes are used for reminders. Every time you are reminded of a certain task or phone number, you are also reminded of the product or brand being advertised. Why Customised Promotional Post It Notes Works We are used to Post It notes that are plainly coloured and rectangular or square in shape. But with creative ideas, advertisers have already come up with customised Post It notes that come in a multitude of colours, sizes, and shapes, which makes them more attractive and help draw attention to customers. Promotional Post It Notes are simple but have strong position in the brand or product of high competition. They are versatile medium for keeping information under a wide variety of circumstances. Other Ways of Customising Post It Notes With a bit of creativity, Post It notes can turn into unique promotional items. Here are some great ideas when promoting your business with Post It notes.
  • Dispenser kits. Post It notes can be stored inside dispenser kits that will help in making it easier to store and keep these notes. Not only do you have promotions in the notes, but the kits can also be printed with your company logo, brand, or other promotional ideas.
  • Unique Post It Notes stacks. Post It notes do not have to be in cubes or cylinders. You can have them stacked in tapered pyramids and cones, prisms with different base like a hexagon or maybe an octagon, a hemisphere, and many other unique shapes.
  • Scented notes. Post It notes can have unique scents. Here is a list of various scents you can have for your notes.
    • Lilac
    • Jasmine
    • Rosemary
    • Basil
    • Pine
    • Cedarwood
    • Cinnamon
    • Sandalwood
    • Ginger
    • Lavender
  • Using recycled paper. Recycled paper provides a unique paper quality to your Post It notes. With this kind of paper, you can promote your company with eco-friendly promotional products.
  • Pen and paper. Like ebony and ivory, you can achieve perfect harmony by incorporating a promotional pen with your Post It notes. What is a piece of paper when you do not have anything to write it on with?
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