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Promotional Power of Picnic Rugs

Picnics have been considered as one of the most awaited get-together activities of most families. In picnics, you get to have fun, camaraderie, and great food. What is not to love about picnics? But a picnic can never be complete without the traditional Picnic Rugs. And because of this, even Picnic Rugs are now used as advertising products. What makes them excellent promotional products? Here are two reasons why:
  • Advertising potential. This makes a good potential advertising tool because the widely spread linen of Picnic Rugs make it a good canvass for imprinting the company's logo or the brand name. And it is usually used during family outings wherein a lot of potential customers can get a glimpse of it.
  • Cost-efficient advertising. Picnic Rugs are the inexpensive way of promoting your business. With these rugs, you can minimise the use of other advertising products. Since Picnic Rugs are to be used over and over again, it gives limitless exposure of your brand name as well minus the additional cost for the promotion.
Various Types of Picnic Rugs
  • Fleece Picnic Rugs. These rugs usually have plaid designs. They are made of soft and warm materials that make it ideal for outdoors.
  • Sweatshirt Picnic Rugs. These rugs are made from the soft fabric identical to our usual sweatshirts. They provide a comfortable feel.
  • Emergency blankets. These rugs are usually stored in the trunk of the car and are useful during the winter season.
  • Travel blankets. These rugs are made of lightweight materials, which makes it convenient to bring anywhere.
Persuading Power of Advertising Products One of the goals of giving out advertising products such as Picnic Rugs is to persuade potential customers in buying the product you are trying to promote. Here are the functions of persuading customers through advertising products:
  • Make them want your products. This can be achieved by coming up with promotional products that are interesting, functional, and attractive.
  • Two for the price of one. Additional perks are always good news to consumers. It gives them the feeling that they are getting better deals with the purchase of your product. An example for this is when purchasing a desktop wherein the additional perk of getting a computer table and chair comes with the package.
  • Establishing good rapport. This pertains to both existing and potential customers. Giving away freebies as advertising products is one way. You can send special gifts to existing customers to give them a feeling of importance, as well as potential ones who will feel good that they are recognised as potential consumers.
  • Word of mouth. This is perhaps one of the most effective advertising strategies. When you have good promotional qualities, customers tend to spread the word.
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