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QR Codes in Promotional Product Marketing

QR (Quick Response) Codes have been around for a few years but have started, in the last few months, to gain traction in Australian marketing campaigns.  Promotion Products likes to innovate so we are launching more and more products that can feature a QR Code in response to customer demand.

What is a QR Code and do you use them?

 A QR code is an image grid that is generated by specialised software (that we have!).  It contains data that can be scanned by smart phones and things like iPads.  Any smart phone or device can download free scanning software.   This encoded data can be a variety of different things but can commonly be: a link to a webpage, a telephone number, an email address or a Google map location….the list goes on. When researching this article we came across some great ways to use them check this page out.

QR Code

A QR code

Bamboo iPad Stand

Bamboo iPad Stand

Shelf talker with QR Code

Shelf talker with QR Code

Get used to seeing these bad boys

There are almost limitless ways to use them but we feel in the world of Promotional Products the most powerful application will be for driving people onto webpages.  We have lots of products that we can print QR codes on which compliment your Promotional Products and leverage your marketing.

Two things to bear in mind are: QR codes need to go a white or very lightly coloured background and can have trouble scanning at less than 30mm square.

QR Promotional Product Ideas

We have taken a little time to put together a list of 10 products that are ideal as QR Code Promo Items!  Take the time to read through these as the implications for some market sectors are big.  Imagine you are holding  a careers day for Uni Students – over 90% of them have smart phones so you could place a QR code on a promotional product which they then scan and are taken to a webpage with detailed information about your company!  Think about the uses for tradeshows also, or perhaps you are launching a new product and want to go paper free in your marketing – why not print the QR code onto an item that you give away to customers which links through to a new product page?


  1. Stickers
    Sometimes when faced with a new marketing technology it’s a good idea to wind things back and think of the simplest application of that new technology!  If you want to make a big impact using QR codes for not a lot of money get some stickers printed up >>> Custom Promotional  Stickers
  2. Coffee Mugs
    You are best sticking to a white mug that has straight sides so as to avoid distortion of the code.  This is not such a bad thing as this mug is white and is ideal for a QR code (and it’s Australia’s best value!)
  3. Drinks Coasters
    These coasters could be low cost giveaway coasters for marketing in a hotel beer garden or they could be a better quality one sitting on your customers desk – driving them onto the specials page on your website >>>  Coasters.
  4. Tee Shirts
    Let’s face it – we have all seen some pretty strange things on T-shirts so it is absolutely within the realms of reality to have T shirts that have a QR code print alongside other information!  These cheap t-shirts are good value and have good quality American Cotton for great print results.
  5. Technology related products
    It’s not really a breakthrough in creative thinking but sometimes the best ideas are right under our noses.  Those who use iPads or iPhones (smart devices) are going to be inclined to be QR code users.  Why not feature your QR code on a related product like this >>> Bamboo Promotional iPad stand.
  6. Mouse mats
    One of the most powerful l types of Promotional Item is a mouse mat.  Sitting at your client’s desk it can be a daily reminder of your product or services.  Incorporating a QR code can be a good way to drive traffic to a special page on your site.  You can find mats on special here so with a low price like that you can afford to use them for specific promotions in addition to general promotion!
  7. Post it Notes
    Ok, here is a great Promotional Idea!  These Post it Notes  are on special.  If you buy 500 of the regular sized ones you will get 250 of the smaller ones free of charge.  Why not buy 500 with your normal branding and we will print up the freebies with your special QR for an extra promotion, on the side, FREE OF CHARGE!!!
  8. Pens
    There are two general requirements for QR codes to work effectively.  They need to be of a size that is at least 30mm square and work better when on a white background.  Surely that is a problem on a pen then?, no!, our Printed Banner Pens  have a massive print area that allow you to promote a complex product whilst having loads of space for a QR code!
  9. Badges
    If you like the idea of a QR code to feature on a wearable item like a T shirt but don’t want to walk around like a walking barcode you may want to consider a more subtly  sized QR code.  We can offer these from a very low cost on our factory direct service >>>  Custom Badges
  10. Water Bottles
    A plastic water bottle has a large print area that allows us to get your logo on plus a QR code easily! >>> Water Bottles

These 10 ideas are the tip of the iceberg, there are many, many other products that can feature your QR code – feel free to ask us for some more ideas.


We look forward to helping you further!

The Promotion Products Team