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The Various Forms of Corporate Pens

Being able to stand the test of time requires so much knack. The fact that you were able to sway with the winds of change, innovation, and reinvention would mean that you have what it takes to be the one of the best promotional gifts the advertising world has to offer. That is how Corporate Promotional Pens managed to be in the upper demarcation of the marketing industry. This is why, despite the recent technology and the ultra modern advertising tools being launched, many still prefer the mainstays. They have passed the test of times and have proven their worth in a thousand ways or more. As the time changes, Corporate Promotional Pens have undergone changes as well. Let us cite a few modified version of what used to be simple promotional gifts:
  • Torch pens. These are the type of pens that have LED bulbs attached on the opposite end of the ballpoint, which is an innovative way of mixing the functions of large bulky flashlights and the conventional pen. LED bulbs are known to emit strong light to serve a flashlight's purpose. These torch pens are battery operated, so the only downside to this item is changing of batteries every now and then. Nevertheless, it won't be that often since the bulbs used are the energy-conserving type. These pens are truly extraordinary promotional gifts.
  • USB pens. With the uproar of the computer age, this proves to be the collaboration of techno and old school. Many Corporate Promotional Pens have been designed to have flash drives with it. A very practical office tool, it serves you both as a data keeper and a scribbler, which is so much convenience on the client's part. And items such as these pens never fail to make a mark in the customer's memory.
  • Recorder pens. Yes, it is for real, and it does exist. You may think it was just used for your favourite detective flicks, but they do exist in real life. In fact these promotional items have already been considered as a huge asset to federal bureaus, used by their agents. This has also been a helpful tool for students in catching up with the day's lesson, scribbling while recording the lesson for the day would be of great help.
  • Screwdriver pens. This rose from the idea of Swiss army knives. Incorporating miniature tools into something we use every day. These types of Corporate Promotional Pens are very much a hit in hardware and mechanical tools industry.

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