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Using Hi Vis as Safety Measure for Dangerous Promotional Work

Workers are among the vital resources of any organisation. In high risk working environment, companies do everything that they can to ensure the safety and health of their people. This is why many companies make use of various items to help them achieve this goal. Safety programs for the workplace are common things all offices are provided with. Different jobs demand for different things. There are jobs that need protective gears such as welding masks for mechanical tasks, hard hats in construction jobs, and Hi Vis jackets for construction in low visibility areas. What Are Hi Vis Items? Hi Vis or high visibility clothing is a type of protective apparel that has a bright colour that is very visible or reflects light back to the source. They are essential when doing dangerous work. The bright colour and reflective material helps make sure workers don't get unseen and this avoids any accident. Moreover, this type of clothing material help you spot from far away. Adelaide Hi Vis are mostly worn by police forces, fire fighters, and emergency medical services. A company that prioritises quality over price chooses branded merchandise for their employees' Hi Vis. They are more durable and efficient. Nowadays, protective apparels are not merely used for safety and protection of employees. They are also used to promote the business by printing the company logo on it. This branded merchandise becomes a symbol of commitment to protect not just the staff but the customer's well-being as well. Why Use Hi Vis? Here are some reasons your workers might need high visibility clothing:
  • To avoid accidents. When there is very limited light, Hi Vis can make you more visible.
  • It is important that your workers are safe and can bee seen in potentially dangerous workplaces.
  • Lower rate of employee death and work-related accidents. In most instances, operators claim that they did not notice the victims who were not wearing protective apparels.
  • Travelling staff such as sales agents, may keep high visibility clothing in their vehicles in case of any emergency situation.
  • To prevent harm by avoiding heat transfer from outside environment to the body.
  • For staffs who work on emergency services, they'll need to be visible at all times. Thus will help ensure that they are seen at all times and can easily be called upon any emergency situation.
  • You might also want your staff to be easily identifiable from a crowd. Perhaps they are security personnel at concerts or any company event.
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