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Ways to Distribute Custom Notepads

There are several ways to hand out your promotional products Melbourne. You just have to be inventive and creative when it comes to putting your brand out there including the actual distribution of your promo merchandise. Items that can help highlight your brand are Custom Notepads. You can hand them out in single packages or include them in a package filled with other promotional giveaways. One of the strong points of using notepads is that they can be mixed and matched with other promo items for you to come up with promo goodies or gifts that are perfect to give out during Christmas and special occasions. Have Them in Sets To create a more positive impression on your clients, give your promotional products Melbourne in innovative ways such as in sets. Apart from that, here are some helpful ideas on how to provide your Custom Notepads:
  • Include your notepads with your brand name or logo on it in notepad holders or padfolios. You can give out such excellent promo items during trade fairs, conferences, seminars, and other activities hosted by your company. You can also deliver your padfolios to your client's office to make them feel valued. They can also be given to your employees to make them feel recognised.
  • Custom Notepads will also go perfectly with desk sets. Desk sets are among the most ideal promotional products Melbourne to be given away to your target clients who work in offices or those who are in the corporate world. You can visit any office desk and for sure you will see at least two items that have a brand name or logo printed on them. This popularity of desk sets or desk items is due to fact that items placed on your clients desk provide higher visibility among onlookers and serve as a constant reminder of your product. Your brand also becomes a part of your client's personal things through your promo items.
  • Another way of distributing your promotional products Melbourne is by including your Custom Notepads in rucksacks or packages. They are the perfect giveaways during holidays or special company events like anniversaries or just when you want to boost your promotional efforts. You can include other functional items in your promo bags like promo rulers, calculators, pencils, pens, and other office or school supplies. All the items included in your promo bag should be individually printed with your brand name for intensified promotions.

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