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When to Use Calico Bags for Promotions

Calico Bags are among the hippest and the most relaxed promotional bags you can give to your clients. They can use these bags on different occasions or even when there is no occasion at all. Such type of bags can be used on your client's daily activities, making them ideal in propagating the message you want to convey to the buying public. Bags made of cotton materials just breathe an air of coolness in an active lifestyle. These bags can be matched with different types of get-up such as corporate clothing or casual wear. Although eco-friendly bags can be used at practically all types of occasions, there are some events when wearing such bags are most appropriate and you can suggest these events to your clients. Corporate Events If you are planning to conduct big seminars or other activities like trade fairs or cause-oriented events that involve a large number of people, do not miss your chance to let your product shine through the use of your promo items such as Calico Bags. Distribute your promo items to your staff and personnel prior to the actual event and suggest that they use it during the affair. In this way, the participants of your event would notice the wonderful bag that matches your employees' corporate clothing and would make them wish they also had such kind of trendy bag. The idea why you would just distribute your promo items to your own employees and not just to the general consuming public is to allow the consumers to just marvel at the bag at the same time on the logo or brand name printed on it. This would make them wait for the time that your company would give out something as exciting as Calico Bags to its target clients like them. Daily Activities Bags made of calico are suitable for casual activities within the day such as going for a short walk, meeting some friends for coffee, or doing some grocery. The good thing about these Calico Bags is that they would look good on any outfit even if the persons were wearing corporate clothing. The more your clients use the bag for their daily activities, the more this exposes your brand to a larger number of potential customers. Such bags can also be used even by those who are not wearing corporate clothing such as students and other people.
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