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Promotional Product Artwork

Promotional Product Artwork

Promotional Products and Branded Clothing are more effective when they contain good quality artwork.  The whole point of using these products as a promotional vehicle is exposing clients and prospects to your logo and message on a frequent basis.  Promotion Products has hundreds of great quality Promotional Products, it is our job to make your logo look great on them – this can only be done with good quality artwork.

Small Promotional First Aid Kit

'Bad' Art  Image is of a low grade and is pixellated.   Printing this file would result in a poor quality Promotional Product.  The larger this image is printed the greater the distortion.

Medium Promotional First Aid Kit

'Good' Art.  After being redrawn the same image is now high resolution.  Regardless of the print size image will be crisp and clear creating a more positive promotional outcome.


What’s ‘good’, what’s ‘bad’?!

The quality and resolution of artwork for decoration depends on how we are decorating your chosen Promotional Product or Branded Clothing .  In short, for embroidery we can utilise most files (word, jpeg, tiff, bitmap, AI, EPS, PDF).  When we embroider we ‘digitise’ the file into a format recognised by the embroidery machine.  For screen printing, pad printing and laser engraving the higher the resolution of the art the better – we need EPS and AI files.  In general it is fair to say EPS and AI files are good, the rest are not (unless embroidering). If in doubt email the file to us for advice.

What’s the difference between EPS and AI files and the others?
EPS and AI files are designed primarily for artwork purposes – they are the industry standard.  Other files like jpegs and PDF’s are designed to show an image on anyone’s PC.  EPS and AI files are what we call ‘vector’ art.  They are made up of different vectors and components.  Vector art can be used for high resolution artwork finishes on a side of a bus or on a pen.

Obtaining Vector Art
If you are organising decorated Promotional Products and you do not have vector art we need to either locate it or create it.  In our experience most logos exist in an EPS format somewhere. You could try your marketing department, whoever prints your business cards or the graphic artist who created it.  To create high quality vector art is something best done by an experienced graphic artist.  Software programs do exist that claim to create vector art but from what we can see they are still a good few years away from being of the quality required (if a logo contains anything out of the ordinary, and most logos do) they simply do not work.  The graphic artist will redraw your logo.

logo re-draws

Promotion Products Logo Redraw Service - $60+GST
The services of a graphic artist can cost up to $150+GST/hour. This can be an expensive add-on to your Promotional Product.  We are happy to offer the services of our graphics person at a reduced rate to our clients.  We will redraw your logo (if we are doing a job for you) for $60+GST - this applies to 95% of logos (complex logos will be quoted).  If we are not producing a logo for you the charge would be $120+GST.  This Logo Redraw service includes two hours of graphic artist time, furthermore, we will supply you a copy of the logo for your future use - all of this within 24 hours.  If you do not have vector art getting it and keeping it safely tucked away is an investment in your brand or message.

Good quality artwork is a must.  We can only work with the materials we have at hand and are not happy producing inferior decorations (we won’t!).  If you need a Logo Redraw it is an opportunity to enhance your brand image.  $66 will be the best marketing dollars you have ever spent.

The Promotion Products Team