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Create A Brand Identity Amongst Your Employees With Promotional Lanyards

Create A Brand Identity Amongst Your Employees With Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are special corporate gifts designed for special brand promotion activities. They are common in mega corporate events such as an exhibition, tradeshow or big conference. Lanyards or badge holders are made with an aim to hold the badge or identity card. In today’s business scenario, they are also effective as promotional products. Many companies nowadays use them as badge holders for their own employees. This strategy works well in many ways. Apart from giving the corporate identity to the employees, the lanyards also make the brand more popular.

Promotional lanyards are available in different varieties. They are custom made for different situations. For example, if you plan to use them for your employees who are appointed at the conference venue, you can choose the pen lanyards that feature a ball pen or a dual-ink pen on them. The added functionality, in the form of a pen, makes the job of the volunteers much easier. They do not have to be bothered about their pen while busy with other activities. The pen is always there just below their eyes! They become more efficient and active at the event.

Another interesting feature that can be added to the branded lanyards is a small stapler. This tool, like the pen, is also highly beneficial. Your employees will be grateful to you because you reduced their job significantly by giving them a hanging stapler that do not need additional care or attention. The employees will find the job of organising the papers of the attendees much convenient.

As the demand for the promotional lanyards increased, companies have started looking for more options in their design and utility features. The retractable lanyard is an innovative product that features a retractable machine that pulls the string inside. As a result, the users can get the lanyard around the wheel and fit it inside their pocket. Because of this curious feature, many users recycle the lanyard for future events as well. These lanyards are printed with the brand name on the surface of the wheel. The brand imprint is so clear and distinct that they act as effective promotional items.

Printed lanyards are common within an office. When the employers design the badge for their employees, they also think of the badge holder seriously. They know that the badge holders are not just a string to hold the badge, but they are more relevant as a corporate identity article.


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