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Branded Lanyards Helping Your Brand to Build an Identity

Branded Lanyards Helping Your Brand to Build an Identity

Branded lanyards are the ideal corporate giveaway during a conference. Apart from their primary function as a badge holder, a printed lanyard also acts as a brand identity article. Lanyards are truly beneficial to companies, especially those struggling to allocate budget for brand promotion activities. If you are not able to find sufficient fund for spending on expensive promotional products such as conference folders, bags, branded pens, etc., you can look for attractive lanyards as the alternative corporate gifts.

Branded lanyards come in a variety of designs, though they all feature one shape. Some of them are simple loops on which you can imprint the brand name in a series. A few of the promotional lanyards available today have multiple functions. Some of them is included with a pen while a few others is given a small stapler on it. There are retractable lanyards that can be reduced to a small wheel and kept inside your pocket conveniently.

Lanyards are not just meant for a conference or a seminar. Your customers may find them useful in many other ways. The modern customers are fans of fancy lanyards because they find a variety of use. They can hang their mobile phones or pen drives on them. If you are software engineer, you are likely to carry a pen drive all day along. Chances are that you take it out of your pocket and leave it somewhere after the work is over. If you have a lanyard along with it, you rarely forget about it. Similar is the case with mobile phone users. If there is a convenient thread around your neck to hold your phone even when your hands are busy, you will feel more relaxed. As you get a call, you can just raise it from your shirt’s pocket without having the fear of its fall.

Branded lanyards are thin strips. However, you can get the brand name printed on them in a visible manner. In various promotional gift stores, you can even find broader lanyards that have the space to print even the brand logo. Such promotional products are worth investing as they bring the best results in any brand promotion endeavour. You will find them effective not only at the conference, but also at many other occasions when you meet with your customers. These promotional gifts are the friendliest promotional tool for companies, especially for those companies, which face financial crunch.


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