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Business Promotional Items

Business Promotional Items

Business Promotional Items are very popular in Australia. Traditional media forms like Television, Radio and Print like magazines and newspapers give us 100’s of marketing messages a day. We call this"media noise" – it is very often unpopular with consumers and therefore delivers poor results for marketers-failing meet to meet their desired outcomes .We have found clients asking us:"what’s the best way to get our message across?, is there another way thanprint?" – the answer is yes! – Business Promotional Products.

Promotion Products has access to literally 1000’s of Business Promotional Products - hundreds of them held as stock lines right here in Australia.Every single Business Promotional Item that we market on our website can be branded with your logo or message and supplied to you quickly and without hassle. Surprisingly effective at cutting through the media noise these clever products have become the media of choice for switched on marketers.


Business Promotional Item Supplier

Our Business Promotional Item sales are surging ahead at the moment.This is not surprising in the current economic environment, we had suspected that this would happen in a slowing economy. This indicates a shift in perceptions and views of these products has taken place – our Business Promotional Item products have moved from being viewed as ad-ons to being a fundamental part of the marketing programs. We have asked new clients for their reasons for buying.Their responses make interesting reading:-

A target market of one.At University, whilst studying marketing, the concept of a ‘target market of one’ was introduced to me.At that point in time before I knew about Business Promotional Items and before the internet really existed this idea was indeed a concept.A ‘target market of one’is the zenith of marketing theory and practice- having a conversation with a consumer on an individual basis.This is not possible using mass-media.Traditional mass media offers only a scatter gun approach – you blast your message out to the masses in the hope that some people want to buy your product.No consideration is given to the other 99% of people who’s attention you are wasting.Giving a Business Promotional Item printed with your message targets your clients on an individual basis -target market of one, no waste.

Theming. Business Promotional Items allow you to develop themes in your marketing communication.Choosing a Business Promotional Item lets you support or build upon an existing theme or can be used as the basis of a new theme or direction.

Longevity. TV, radio and print are passing media forms - they deliver a communication that only lasts for a small moment in time, they rely upon it being memorable, which as we all know most adverts are not!. Conversely Business Promotional Items offer a more appealing communication proposition.This form of marketing takes place on media like a Promotional Lanyard or Promotional Polo Shirt.Your prospect will be exposed to your message many, many times over the years, giving a level of exposure that blows away traditional mediaMeasurability.Measuring the effectiveness of different media types is essential in a crowded advertising environment.Business Promotional Items are inherently accountable.

Cost Effective Outcomes.Business Promotional Items give you measured and targeted marketing outcomes, this demonstratesthe cost effectiveness of these items, furthermore our strong repeat business is another indicator of how cost effective they are.


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Business Promotional Items can be sourced from other suppliers here in Australia and we encourage you to review their offerings and service levels but we are confident that the team at Promotion Products can demonstrate a winning edge to you. We have a fundamental understanding of marketing, the marketing mix and where Business Promotional Items sit in all of this. This understanding in alliance with our product knowledge and professional manner gives you, the customer, superior marketing solutions.We look forward showing our capability to you very soon.

The Promotion Products Team