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Products related to Promotional Clothing

Selecting Promotional Clothing is an excellent way to promote your brand or message.  When buying Promotional clothing it is a good idea to consider the full range of promotional options that we can offer you to compliment your clothing purchase.


Other Promotional Clothing or Promotional Items might be considered whilst you are making your purchase.  We can offer discounts for purchases of multiple product type, please take 2 minutes to scan through the ideas below!:

Embroided headwear

Product idea #1 - Embroidered Headwear

The majority of the clothing that we offer is embroidered with company logos.  Very often the logo we are embroidering on your polo shirts or jackets can be embroidered on some Promotional Headwear.  As we have already ‘set-up’ the logo we can offer discounts on doing some headwear at the same time.  Just ask your sales consultant if your logo shape is suitable.

Promotional tip:  If you are kitting out your business with clothing why not take advantage of buying headwear at the same time as a promotional item for clients?  You are already saving so this makes a quality cap or hat a great idea to get maximum bang for your promotional dollar. 



Product idea #2 - Extras

Ok, this is a not different product but it is worth mentioning!  Many clients under-order their clothing requirements.  Team members leave or are replaced, someone orders the wrong size.... you can go through your clothing stock quickly and then require small orders.  Small orders cost more so make sure you over-buy and keep some garments in stock.

Promotional tip:  Small orders not only increase the cost of the individual order but have a significant administration ‘cost’ at your end.  Cover yourself with a reasonable quantity – remember shirts will last years so your ‘uniform’ should be well considered


Promotional Pens

Product idea #3 - Pen Supplies

If you are buying clothing you obviously understand the importance of branding.  We import some pens ourselves so are therefore in a position to give you excellent pricing and choice.

Promotional tip:  Pens are ‘giveaway’ products so work in a different way to Promotional Clothing.  They are fantastic for tradeshows and conferences, for sales people or for general promotion.  Ask for a price on our pen specials!

Mini compendium

Product idea #4 - Mini Compendium

This is one of our favourite products.  The mini compendium is a dinky 165mm x 110mm and not only has a writing pad but a calculator also.  When opened there is a pen clip to hook your pen into.  Offered in a range of colours it is well priced and can be used in scores of different ways.

Promotional tip:  These are an ideal product to use as a customer gift.  These do cost more other giveaway products but are a good item to give to qualified clients or on-going customers as something above and beyond a low cost item.


Product idea #5 - Logo Confectionery

sweeten customers up with some custom branded confectionery. Varying in cost from lollipops at a few cents to gift boxed chocolate confectionery - it is budget flexible. Confectionary will usually illicit an instant response and interaction with your brand from the person who you given it to.

Promotional tips:  Low cost giveaway lollies are an ideal conversation starter at tradeshows, they help open doors for salespeople, they can help your representative engage more deeply with clients: ‘Bob do you have any kids?...yeah...give them some of these’  (low level blackmail).

Branded Flash drives

Product idea #6 - Branded Flash Drives

Not only can flash drives be branded with a logo or message they can be uploaded with information and materials that would take reams of paper to print out.

Promotional tip: The upload feature is perfect for power point presentations, PDFs or even videos! You can include very detailed material in the flash drive rather than giving clients cumbersome paper material that may get discarded quickly.

Of course there are hundreds of other items that will be a good promotional partner alongside your Promotional Clothing purchase.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team