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Corporate Gift Supplier Sydney

The act of giving is very important in many cultures – here is Australia many people give gifts for Christmas and this is an ideal time to consider rewarding your clients with a personal gift.  At Promotion Products our job is to help you with all things promotional – corporate branded gifts are one of the most popular item types we sell.

We have put together this quick read – why not take 2 minutes to see some product suggestions and how to use them most effectively.

Corporate Chocolates

Product idea #1 - Corporate Chocolates

These high quality chocolates come in a variety of types at different budget.  These represent a great way to say ‘thanks for your business’ whilst promoting your business.

Promotional tip: The act of giving creates an obligation upon the recipient.  When you give a gift most people feel compelled to return the gift – in a business setting this means more business for you!



Product idea #2 - Wine  Gift

Choose from a wide selection of popular wine related gifts.  All of these gifts can be supplied branded or unbranded.

Promotional tip: clients value to your business can vary greatly – with a wine holder you can also slip a bottle of wine into to give it extra appeal – how much you spend on that wine can reflect the value of them to your business



Promotional Flash Drives

Product idea #3 - Flash Drives

A flash drive is an extremely practical gift to give – most people will use it at work so where better to have product that features your branding.  These have come down in cost massively in the last few years.

Promotional tip: Flash drives can easily have a presentation or PDF file brochure uploaded on then making them an excellent gift – practical and a very effective promotional tool at the same time.

Promotional Beach Towels

Product idea #4 - Towels

The Christmas gift giving season is right at the start of summer so gifts that have a summer theme are extremely effective and will be used straightaway.

Promotional tip: If you want to develop a theme for your gifts we can help with that – not only might you consider a towel for a summer beach theme – you could also add in a beach bag and maybe some sunscreen also.

Promotional BBQ set

Product idea #5

We like gifts that are not used in the workplace.  A gift that is used when your client is having fun is a very powerful promotional method.  We have scores of fun times that fit the bill – call us on 1300303 717 for more information.

Promotional tip:  Sometimes it is an idea to select a gift for male customer and another for the fairer sex.  This shows you are thinking of their needs and wants.

An office gift

Product idea #6 - An office gift

Most business decisions are made at your clients desk.  A Corporate Gift that has your details clearly shown that sits on their desk can be a good ‘directional’  product (one that shows something like a web address for them to visit).



Of course, there are hundreds of other items that will work as an effective gift for your clients.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple gift purchases may apply.   Thanks for reading!

The Promotion Products Team