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Create a Strong Brand Image amongst Your Clients by Giving Them Bic Corporate Pens

Create A Strong Brand Image Amongst Your Clients By Giving Them Bic Corporate Pens

Is there anyone who does not need a pen? We use pens in most of our everyday activities, from signing a check to jotting down notes in school, writing down a grocery list, and many such activities. Pens are at the forefront of promotional products because of their utility at both the office and home. And Bic Corporate pens are the best choice for marketing campaigns.

Giving away promotional pens as corporate gifts is a cost effective marketing option that reaps great results. Pens are cheap, they can be easily stocked, and can also be distributed easily. They are also very effective promotional items as hundreds of people are sure to see the printing on them that shows a company's logo.

Choosing good variety of promotional pens is definitely very important. One good pen to use for a promotional campaign is the Bic Solis Y113. These pens have a lot of brand mileage behind them. They are generally trustworthy and also write well. Yet, another reason why businesses opt for Bic corporate pens is the wide range of pens offered by Bic. The Bic offers the Bic metal pens, the Bic engraved pens, the Wide Body Digital Pen with Chrome Grip, the Bic Worthington Collection with Chrome Two Piece Rollerball, the customised Bic Click Stick, and the new customised corporate logo collection.

In addition to the wide array of the Bic pens, Bic corporate pens can be transformed into personalised pens by designing them online through the promotional pen supplier's online services. They offer a wide assortment of styles to suit the requirements of every client. Some of the varieties offered by Bic are the Bic Clic Stic promotional pens, the Clic Stic Grips, grip rollers, the wide body metal pens, the tractable pens, the retractable grip pens, the twist action pens, the esteem executive pens, the highlighters and bright liners, and the bright liner grips.

The Bic corporate pens are made from the plastic material of the highest quality. Its colours are customisable at two-colour combinations depending on the client's choice. However, the biggest advantage of using Bic pens is that one size refill fits all barrel sizes.

Promotional material suppliers also offer companies online promotional pen designing services. With easy online instructions, companies can craft their logo and slogan, as they would want their customers to see and perceive on their promotional item.


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