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Conference Promotional Items

Conferences cost a lot of money to host.  Savvy conference organisers seek to maximise their return on investment  - many costs are racked up – planning, venue hire, conference speakers, catering, advertising and promotion, transport and accommodation.  That all adds up quickly as anyone who has planned a conference can tell you!  When serious amounts of money have been spent you want to be sure that attendees remember the key points and themes of the conference.

Promotional Items are an extremely effective way to make sure that you maximise your investment. Just like any other aspect of your conference it is a good idea to plan these!  Here are 6 product ideas and promotional tips. Why not take the time to read through this and click on the links and see if you have missed anything?

(please note  - if you order a few  different products we can give you extra discounts)


Product idea #1 - Custom Promotional Notepads

Ok, this isn’t rocket science – people who attend conferences often need something to write on!  A pad like this is ideal for conferences.  These are also great for general promotion or internal promotions.

Promotional tip:  A notepad features a large branding area so is ideal to be used to convey more information about your conference than other Promotional Items that may have smaller branding areas 


Product idea #2 - Lanyards

We have Australia’s best value range of Promotional Lanyards.  We use an overseas factory to make these – our purchase volume ensures low costs, low costs that we pass on to you – our  valued client.

Promotional tip:  Think outside the square! – our lanyards can feature name holders but there are now many exciting extras that can also go on your lanyard – pens, water bottle holders and even staplers (like the above image).  Select an additional item that is practical and will be used straightaway by the attendee.

Product idea #3 - Printed Promotional Pens

The Promotional notepads at idea #1 aren’t much use if you don’t have something to write on them with.  A branded pen goes hand in hand with a promotional notepad and is a long life product that gets your logo and contact details in front of your customer.

Promotional tip:  A Pen is a great ‘directional’ product – add a website with your logo so your client can quickly access more information about your conference or company.  Pens last longer than pads so make sure you are supplying products that have different life spans – ensuring that the conference themes are remembered long after the event.

Product idea #4 - Promotional Conference Bags

One of the most effective promotional item types used in conferences are bags.  We have low cost bags like tote and cotton but can also supply conference satchels and bags. 

Promotional tip: It is often a good idea, if your budget permits, to up-spend on your bag.  A good quality bag will be around for years – giving years of promotional exposure.  Conference bags also typically feature a large print area allowing us to place a large graphic or message on them for added promotional impact.

Product idea #5 - Flash USB's

Obviously notepads and pens can only convey a certain amount of material; so why not throw a Flash Drive in to the mix? Not only can they be branded with a logo or message they can be uploaded with materials that otherwise could be missed or forgotten by attendees at your conference.

Promotional tip: The upload feature is perfect for power point presentations, PDFs or even videos! You can include very detailed material in the flash drive rather than giving clients cumbersome paper material that may get discarded quickly.

Product idea #6 - Confectionery

Lastly! – staying with the idea of giving attendees products that work in various ways why not sweeten them up with some custom branded confectionery?  Varying in cost from lollipops at a few cents to gift boxed chocolate confectionery they can add a bit of razzle-dazzle to your event.

Promotional tip:  Low cost giveaway lollies are an ideal conversation starter at conferences, they can help people to interact with your message or brand straightaway.

The staff here at Promotion Products have helped organise the Promotional Items for hundreds of conferences.  You can draw on our experience – please call us on 1300 303 717.  We are here to help make your event a success!, we look forward to talking with you soon.


The Promotion Products Team