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Environmental Promotional Products for greener promotions and companies

Environmental Promotional Products

At Promotion Products, we give you the choice to buy greener Promotional Products that are friendlier to the environment.  We are the only Promotional Products Company in Australia that markets a range of greener branded promotional products! (04/2007). 

Green Promotions start here!. We have categorised these environmentally friendly promotional products, every product fits one of these categories.  We intend to give you the choice, we do not claim that all these products are ultra enviro-friendly but they are a start. Viewed as substitutes for other promotional items are all relatively green.

Reviewing and fast ordering of our Environmental Promotional Products is easy:-

1/ Browse our products
2/ Click here to get the price list
3/ Call 1300 303 717.

Types of Green Promotional Products:-   

Recycled Promotional Products(RPP) – products made from recycled materials. 

Australian Made PromotionalProducts (AMPP) – any product where the main components or cost components are locally made – this cuts the carbon required to transport the product thus making it a bit friendlier to the environment. 

Waste Reducing PromotionalProduct (WRPP) – a promotional item that encourages a reduction in consumption of other materials – commonly a product that can be used time after time.   

Green Educating PromotionalProduct (GEPP) – a promotional product that educates or reinforces the green or environmentally friendly message. 

Green Promotional Product (GPP) – a promotional product that has a positive effect on the environment. 

Of course, these categories overlap and will be refined and expanded over time.  We very much welcome input form customers and other members of the public regarding new product ideas and initiatives. 

Please browse the gallery, we look forward to helping you further. 


Stubby Cooler Neoprene with Base

Quality Australian made stubby cooler at near Chinese prices.  Express service is standard with these coolers.

Available in 38 colours!

Foldable Can Cooler

Australian made foldable stubby cooler can be printed with your company logo or promotional message.

Available in 38 colours!

Slimline Can Cooler

Australian made slimline bottle cooler to fit the smaller bottle.

Available in 38 colours!


Promotional Seedsticks

Made in Australia Seed Sticksare a unique green environmental promotional product.  They allowyou to link your brand, message or campaign to actual plants or flower. The seeds are literally stuck on to a recycled cardboard stick. Thereare 10 sticks in each pack presented in a match-book format.

72 Varieties available – contactus for more information.

Promotional Seedpots

Made in Australia Seedpots are the big brother of seed stocks. The Seedpot is a single pot-growing kit in which the seeds germinate and grows within the pack.  Price includes: Ingenious greenhouse packaging, seed, expanding peat pellet, choice of stock colour pot and card insert, whichcontains your message on the front and growing instructions on the rear.

18 varieties available – contactus for more information.

Rubber Tipped Recycled NewspaperPencil 

Made from recycled newspapers these promotional pencils are a great way to reduce waste and support the cause.  Also available without rubber end.

Available in 4 colours - Black,White, Red and Yellow.


Neoprene Drinks Mat

Non-slip bottom protects tablesagainst heat marks and moisture.  These drink mats are a good wayto have your message in front of customers all day long.  Australian made.

Available in 38 colours!

Promotional Sunscreen

Locally made this 65ml tube ofSPF 50+ sunscreen is a great way to promote during summer. Suitable for sensitive skin this product is lightly fragranced, moisture-rich and contains vitamin E.

Water Drop Savings Bank

Ideal for Water Conservation Campaignsthe water drop savings bank is 15cm tall.  Great message developmentpotential with this product.

Supplied in a white gift box.


Promotional Shower Timer

As water restrictions are enforced all over Australia the promotional shower timer is a very practical way to encourage responsible water consumption.  This one has afour minute timer.

Australian Made Confectionary

Australian made confectionaryis supplied in a reusable container.  The container can be printedwith your message (a recycling or re-use message) or logo.  Containersizes: 0.4, 0,6 and 0.7 litre.  17 delicious varieties of confectionary are available.  Call 1300 303 717 for more information on the besttasting promotion you will ever do.

Recycled Plastic Ruler

Make recycling a rule with anAustralian made recycled plastic 30 cm rulers.  They are a greatway to help position your companies green credentials.  Costing only a few cents more than imported rulers we can print your logo or message right across them – 5 colours to choose from.

Please note - due to the natureof the materials used in these rulers colours may vary.


Recycled Plastic Frisbee

Your recycling message will be a fly-away success with an Australian made recycled plastic frisbee. These flyers are very cost effective – we can print your logo or messageon them quickly.  Product size is 225mm, several colours available.

Please note - due to the natureof the materials used in these rulers colours may vary.

Re-usable Calico Bags

One of the most popular environmentally friendly promotional products is the calico bag.  This one is 420mmx 390mm and has two handles and like all our calico bags is designedto be used again and again.  We have many more sizes available– please call us on 1300 303 717 – to find out what’s in stock. Please note these bags are Indian made and come from a certified childlabour-free factory.  Just ask for a copy of the certificate andwe will fax it.

Reusable Tote Bags

Tote bags come in many shapes, sizes and colours.  From the classic ‘Coles’ shape to the abovestyle – 420mm x 390mm.  Available in 10 colours these can giveyour recycling promotion maximum impact. 


Anti Stress Light Bulb

This is a brighter idea!, sqeeze-ableanti stress toy that can incorporate your logo or message about waste reduction.

100mm high.

Anti Stress Water Drop

Like it’s savings bank brotherthe promotional anti-stress water drop is a great vehicle for promoting conservation, efficiency or savings message.  Promotion Productswill print your message on the rear of the water drop.

108mm high.

Australian MadePewter Keyrings

Ok, this is slightly contentious– a product that is dug out of the ground and then smelted is not exactly ‘green’!, but if you need a metal keyring they don’t get greener’ (we cannot find recylced ones) This Australian mined, shaped (to your design) and made keyring reeks of quality!  Thesepromotional keyrings can be complemented by drink coasters and paper-weights. Would like feedback on the appropriateness of this product as being green


Rechargeable Torch

You will never need batteries again! Pump the handle to charge and it lights straight away. Good branding space on side. 
Dimensions:100 x 60 x 29 mm

Dynamo Torch

Simply turn the handle to charge the inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Handle folds away after use. 5 super-bright white LED globes. Select1, 3 or 5 globes. 1-minute charging will give 15 minutes 5 globe illumination. Matt silver finishes in white box with instructions. 
Dimensions:133 x 56 x 48mm H

Bottled Water

Bottled fresh in Australia forfresh promotions water can be supplied in 600ml or 350ml sizes. Full-colour branding can be featured on the labels. 


Enviro Pen

Made from recycled materials this pen is truly environmentally friendly.  Show that  your companycares for the planet with the Enviro pen.


Promotional Water Bottles

Australian Made promotional waterbottles do not require bulky shipping from Chin, unlike the bottles sold by many competitors.  Available in 16 different colours and in sizes including 500ml and 750ml these printed sports bottles can be supplied quickly.  These bottles can also be recycled making them appropriate for special events too! 

Clip and Carry Enviro Bag

Promotion Products presents the‘Clip and Carry Enviro Bag.It is a strong, multi purpose shopping bag. Plastic clip on handlesto attaches to the shopping trolley. Made from water resistant polyester withvelcro fastenings & Inner pocket with zip. The bag is 470mm(w) x 370mm (h)  The Clip and Carry Enviro Bag makes shopping and caring for the environment by using less plastic bags easier. 



Lux Solar Powered Calculator

Solar-powered calculators are not a new product but can make a great vehicle for promoting greener messages.  Reliant on power generated by external light the Luxmakes an excellent promotional calculator.  Good message copy can convey your green message to your clients every day as the calculator sits on their desk 24-7.  This product is 96x 173 x 17mm in size giving it promotional impact.  We haveother solar calculators to choose from – just ask for more details. 


Recycled Paper Repositional Notes

Repositional notes are the sameidea as 3M Post-it-notes.  However, these repositionable notes differ in two key ways;  they are made in Australia and they are made from recycled paper.  Recycled Post-it notes have just been launchedso are a great way to show your green credentials.  Costing around15 – 20% more than non-Australian non-recycled notes we urge you to consider the environmental and economic benefits of this product. These notes are available in all standard sizes 75mm x 75, 75mm x 100mmetc – call 1300 303 717 for more information now. 

Recycled Paper Notepads

These notepads are made in Australia from recycled paper.  Costing marginally more than non-Australian, non-recycled notepads your logo will look great on them. We can help with designing a watermark so your clients know you are one of the good guys!  Supporting these recycled paper notepads supporting the environment in a practical way.  We can make notepads in any size you want – why not ask for more details?