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Church Promotional Products

At Promotion Products we value the role played by community groups such as Churches and other faith groups.  Since our inception we have given support in the most practical way possible – discounts on our products.  Discounts allow you to maximise your funds and spend them in a way that fully benefits your congregation and community.

Further help
We can help you further by showing you the Promotional Products that work for Churches – how they are used and why.  Simply contact your representative at Promotion Products – we will be glad to help.  To get you started here are five product ideas:

Promotional Pens

Product idea #1 - Pens

Many churches like to have low cost Promotional Giveaway products.  These are used to generate general awareness of the group and sometimes specific events.  Promotional Pens are still the most  favourite giveaway products that we sell to Churches and faith groups.  If you require a product that can be made for a very low cost you should consider a large indent quantity of pens. 

Promotional tip:  We call the above pen ‘The Barkly’, direct from the factory on a quantity of 10 000 units these are $.23+GST each with your print!  Be organised and get large quantities for extremely large savings. 


Product idea #2 - Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise is an excellent way for you to generate new revenue streams.  Many large Churches operate shops that utilise logo brand products.  These can vary in price from a few cents to good quality gifts.

Promotional tip:  Select a variety of Merchandise Products that are budget flexible.  This allows people to support you with purchases both large and small.

Promotional Keyrings

Product idea #3 - Keyrings

One of the most popular items that we supply to Churches and faith groups are Metal Engraved Keyrings.  We see them being used for both general promotional and merchandise but also a lot for promoting specific events such as fathers day or special groups within the church.

Promotional tip:  A metal keyring with a laser engraving is a well received product.  Many keyrings can feature engraving on both sides.  Think about using the first side for maybe your logo and the reverse side to promote a specific event, group or program

Promotional Clothing

Product idea #4 - Clothing and Garments

Promotional clothing is a good merchandise product but the #1 reason for Churches or faith groups buying clothing is to promote an event.  T shirts are a relatively low cost purchase and volume quantities are rewarded with deep discounting.  A large group of people wearing the same t-shirt promoting an event makes a great visual impact and also reinforces feelings of common purpose.

Promotional tip:  Show your group’s unity when in the community by branding some t-shirts.  These shirts will demonstrate, visually, the strength of your numbers and will get people talking – create a buzz.

Group Specific Promotional Products

Product idea #5 - Group-Specific Promotional Products

It is essential that the Promotional Items that you select talk to your demographic.  If your church wants to attract Generation Y you need items they can relate to and will interact with.  Generation Y may be interested in these three products for example Dog Tag Flash Drive,  Anti Slip Pad and a funky water bottle

Promotional tips:  When selecting products for a specific group take 2 minutes to write down what you want the response to the product to be.  Do you want to just generally promote?, do you want a specific response?...work out what you want the promotion to do and then select products.

There are many ways we can help your faith group or Church.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply in addition to your automatic discount.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team