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Gift Your Employees Promotional Lanyards

Gift Your Employees Promotional Lanyards

Employees are the biggest asset of every organisation. By giving them promotional gifts, you can make them feel valued. Moreover, promotional items imprinted with your brand logo or company message, is a great way to make them feel bonded with one another and foremost, with the company. There are many promotional products to choose from. The best choice for your employees may be promotional lanyards.

Promotional lanyards serve as a powerful marketing tool as they are printed with your brand logo or company message. Companies usually prefer to use these branded lanyards for employee identification. The identity card of an employee is found hanging from a lanyard. This gives a sense of belongingness to the employees, while ensuring security to the company. Also, companies can benefit by giving away printed lanyards to their employees in some major events like conferences, which mark the presence of the entire work force at one place. This way, all the employees feel unified and identify themselves with the common goals and objectives of the organisation. 

Promotional lanyards are available in different materials, styles, designs, and colours. Polyester is the most common material that is found in lanyards. However, there are other options as well in the form of bamboo, ribbon, plant silk, and milk protein. The growing concern for environmental related issues has made many companies to opt for recycled items. For them, lanyards made from recycled materials can be the perfect choice. Lanyards made from extra soft polyester is an ideal corporate gift. There are plenty of colour options available in promotional lanyards. Some companies also offer you the choice of going for customised material colours.

While the length of the printed lanyards is usually 457mm, the width varies as per the specification of the clients. However, the width commonly found in lanyards are 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 19mm. You can opt for the wider lanyards to give your brand logo the maximum visibility. The larger print area of wider lanyards allows your company logo to make the maximum impact on the recipients as well as the onlookers.

Branded lanyards also come with different types of attachment, such as round badge holder, water bottle holder, Bulldo or J-hook attachments, completely for free. This makes the whole deal lucrative for business organisations who are looking for cost effective promotional items for their employees. Moreover, there are many companies that offer good discounts on bulk purchase of branded lanyards. So, next time, you plan to give something of utility to your employees, go for promotional lanyards.


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