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Mail - Out Promo Items

Often the distribution of Promotional Items is overlooked.  At tradeshows, conferences or open days your target market – the recipients of your promotional products are right there.  However, very often, your target market is spread over your city, state or even the whole country.  Distributing large promotional items to these people can be a costly business.  If you can take advantage of the low cost of using Australia Post to distribute your chosen product it can save you considerably  - you are effectively distributing your product at little or no cost  (especially if you include the promo item with something you may already be sending that person -like a statement or brochure). Mail-out promotional items are something we see used by smart companies all the time.

Below we have selected 10 items that are ideal to be used as mailer items – they are all compact and relatively light in weight.  Why not take a quick look for two minutes, these ideas can help boost your business in an effective and low cost way.


Remember! – if you buy multiple items from us in one purchase we can often discount our pricing – please ask your sales consultant – we will do what we can to help.

Promotional Rulers

Product idea #1 - Rulers - Printed

A promotional classic the ruler is ideal as a mailer – compact and lightweight, very practical and low cost.

Promotional tip: Rulers have a large branding area, the ruler sits on your clients desk - providing excellent exposure to your brand message.  They are ideal for listing products and services in addition to your contact details.

Promotional Notepads

Product idea #2 - Logo Branded Pads

Just like the ruler this is a product you have seen time and time again – how boring you may think!  Think again.  We are passionate about what we do and the central focus of what we recommend is to show clients products that work.  To work a promotional item must be functional and be used quickly after someone receives it.  The vast majority of clients still take notes on paper – why not have them doing this on paper that also promotes you?

Promotional tip: Notepads are often seen as a good product for general brand awareness – it is!, but why not use the generous branding area on pads to promote a new product or service?, i.e. something a little different?

Printed Balloons

Product idea #3 - Printed Balloons

Very often a promotion is effective when you approach your client from a slightly different angle.  Next time you send invoices simply slip a couple of balloons in also.  The recipient will give them to their kids who will use them and will promote your brand.

Promotional tip: Not only are balloons effective low cost mail-out items they will make a big visual impact at your next staff party or event you sponsor.


Safety Bag Tag

Product idea #4 - Safety Bag Tag

Staying with the idea of promoting using a different angle here is the safety bag tag.  This product should be compulsory on all school bags. It is super reflective and extremely practical, like a fridge magnet for instance it is the sort of product that the vast majority of people use.

Promotional tip:  Before sending out mail to your client call and ask how many kids the people in the office have?  When the mail arrives and they find that you have provided bag tags for each kid it will have a powerful promotional effect.  Caring for and looking out for kids by providing these bag tags is a promotion we have witnessed a couple of clients do with great results.


Promotional Mouse Mats

Product idea #5 - Mouse Mats

Light enough to mail out a mouse mat is a classic promotional item.  We thought that with the advent of the optical mouse that we would sell less but we are finding demand is just as high.  Our mouse mats are optical friendly.

Promotional tip: When buying mouse mats it is important to invest money in good graphic design.  The aim is for your mat to look good enough to replace the one on your customer’s desk now.  This can only be done with professional artwork – we can help with design development but just be aware that in our experience good designs work, low cost poorly thought out designs do not.

Promotional Fridge Magnets

Product idea #6 - Printed Magnets

The Fridge Magnet is the epitome of a good promotional item. Magnets are simple yet effective.  Look at your fridge – if you are like most people it will be covered in magnets, most of us do not throw out magnets – it’s just as easy to put them on the fridge and then return to them when they are needed.

Promotional tip: Just because a promotional item has been done before does not mean it is a poor idea, often the opposite is true.  The fridge magnet is a low cost mailer that is tried and tested as an effective promotional tool.  Why not maybe take a different slant with your magnet by buying a photo frame one or a clip magnet as featured here?

Promotional Calendars

Product idea #7 - Promotional Calendars

Most of our calendar items can be mailed out to provide you with a year of promotion and daily exposure to your client.

Promotional tip:  Get in first with your calendar gift – these are ideal to land on your customer’s desk just before they go away for their summer break so they are ready to use (and promote) in January.

Promotional Flash Drives

Product idea #8 - Flash Drives Printed

Ideal when you want to reward a client or supply them with lots of information about your product or service.  Flash pricing is a fraction of what it was 5 years ago and is dropping all the time making it a great value promo.

Promotional tip: Why not take advantage of our data upload service so when you send out the flash drive there is a presentation about your product or service already on the drive?


Silicone Bracelets

Product idea #9 - Silicone Bracelets

Low cost and lightweight these are a popular item so should be considered as a good promotional mailer.  Use to promote a wide variety of things – events, kid related products, fairs, etc. 

Promotional tip: these silicone bands remain one of the most popular fund raising merchandise products.  There are several ways in which you can use these.




Product idea #10 - iPhone Case

iPhones and phones of a similar size are taking over!.  Go with the flow and give your clients something of value with one of these quality iPhone cases.

Promotional tip: Costing a little more than other giveaway items these would make an ideal Christmas gift

Of course, there are lots of other items that are suitable as mail-out promo items.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team