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Promotional Coffee Mug Supplier

Promotional Coffee Mug Guide

Promotion Products have a lot of experience in supplying Promotional Coffee Mugs.  Buying Printed Coffee Mugs can be a bit of a minefield, different Coffee Mug Suppliers will tell you different things! if you require branded Coffee Mugs please take five minutes of your time to read this guide – it may save you money and marketing heartbreak!

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Matte Berlin Mugs Black Yellow

Coffee Mugs are generally all the same in terms of quality, what sets one Promotional Coffee Mug apart from another is the decoration method used.  Different decoration methods will produce vastly different results.

Different Styles of Promotional Coffee Mugs

There are now lots of different Branded Promotional Mug shapes available, recently lots of colours have become available too!  Larger mugs, coloured ones (especially orange and red) and ‘shapes’ cost more too. Here are best selling Printed Coffee Mugs that Promotion Products supplies:-

Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug
Promotional Coffee Mug.
300ml capacity.
Available in many colours.
A Flare Mug.
320ml capacity.
Available in many colours.
Colonial Two Tone Mug. 320ml capacity.
Available in many colours.
Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug

The Broadway Mug.
290ml capacity.
Available in red, black,blue & white.

The Carnival Mug.Available in 6 bright colourcombos. The Classic Mug.
310ml capacity.
Available in 5 colours.
Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug
The Everest Mug
480ml capacity.
Available in black, blue, terracotta and white.
The Macho Mug.
380ml capacity.
Available inblue, black and white.
The Manhattan Mug.
440ml capacity.
Available in 9 colours.
Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug
The Nottingham Bone China Mug. 290ml capacity. White only. The Salsa Mug.
Availablein blue, black and white.
The Square Mug.
235ml capacity.
Available in red, white, blue and black.
Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug Promotional Coffee Mug
The Vancouver Mug.
270ml capacity.
Available in black,blue, red or white.      
The Vermont Coffee Mug.
350ml capacity.
Available in white, blue or black.
The Vienna Mug.
270ml capacity.
Available in black, blue or white.

Get pricing here : Promotional Coffee Mugs Guide - Click Here

Different types of Branded Coffee Mugs

There are many shapes and styles of mugs available as you can see.  There are three broad types (ways in which they are made) of Branded Coffee Mugs available in Australia.

Low Fire Mugs – these make up about 95% of the market and this is the type you have seen on this page.  These Promotional Coffee Mugs come from Asian factories and are fired in a kiln to about 750 degrees.  They represent good value for money and product quality.

High Fire Mugs – these are European made mugs generally, there used to be a factory in Perth, WA making this type of coffee mugs for a company called Australian Fine China but it has closed.  A high fire mug is fired in the kiln to about1200 degrees.  This higher firing temperature enhances the process of ‘Vitrification’ in porcelain (basically making it a stronger and better quality Coffee Mug). 

Bone China – made with actual bone Bone china coffee mugs are very strong and very light. They cost more to make but if you require a good quality CorporateCoffee Mug you should consider spending the extra dollars on a Bone ChinaCoffee Mug.

For the vast majority of promotions low fire mugs are more than acceptable, it is the quality of the decoration you really need to focus on.

A Colonial Two Tone Mug with a Photofinish

Different ways to decorate Coffee Mugs
Pad Print

Pad Printing is the print method used to decorate thinks like Promotional Pens and Clocks.  A Promotional Coffee mug is expected to be used on a daily basis for years, going in and out of dish-washers day in day out.  Pad Printed Coffee Mugs start tolose the quality of decoration quite quickly. Even a good quality pad print will start coming off after a few months. This is the cheapest way to decorate a Promotional Coffee Mug.  If it is important that your logo print still looks good in 6 months a pad print is probably not for you.  Also the maximum size of this print is generally no more than 40mm x 40mm.

Screen Print

Screen printing on Coffee Mugs can produce visibly good results.  However, most Promotional Product Companies who favour this decoration method will not tell you that after printing these mugs are only ‘cured’ in an oven, not re-firedin a kiln.  Our experience, others will tell you differently, is that Screen Printed Coffee Mugs can have print quality issues down the line too. We would make more selling this decoration method but our aim is to give you value-for-money and long life promos.

Kiln Fired Decoration

It is a fact of life that you get what you pay for.  With Printed Coffee Mugs this age-old adage holds true!. Promotion Products willonly sell you this type of decoration on a coffee mug.  The mug is either printed by a rotary printing machine or has a decal applied,  It isthen re-fired in a kiln to several hundred degrees.  The decoration will then ‘fuse’ into the mug's glaze, this gives you a permanent decoration.  In restaurants and cafes the branded Coffee Cup you drink out of has been branded in this way.  If you require a Promotional Coffee Mug that will last for years there is no other option than a kiln fired decoration.  PMS colour matches are not always possible using this superior decoration method – if a Promotional Company is offeringyou a PMS colour match guarantee on Printed Coffee Mugs – they are either offering you an inferior life decoration or don’t know their products!

In summary

If you are shopping around for Printed Coffee Mugs the first question you should ask a Coffee Mug Supplier is – what decoration method do you use?. If they can not tell you about kiln fired decorations they probably use the cheaper, inferior decoration methods. Promotion Products could sell you a cheaper decoration, however our job is to give you good advice to get better promotions!, Remember – the Coffee Mugs are the same – decorations are not.

PromotionProducts looks forward to helping you with your next promotional Coffee Mug order. Call us on 1300 303 717 if you have any questions or send in a quote request on any mug you see here.  Our minimum quantity is a low 144 units.