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Notepads Promotional

A notepad is a great promotional product for advertising your brand.  It is a practical item that allows a lot of visual coverage to convey a message; whether it is your logo, a new product or just your contact details.   Notepads are a useful product that provides the perfect opportunity to get your company’s logo seen on a daily basis by giving potential clients something basic to write on and view over and over again.


People are looking for paper to write on all the time.


Other effective Promotional Products

Other, related, Promotional Products should be considered to be used in tandem with your notepads; we know you are busy so here are ½ dozen other items that could work well with the notepads that you require.  Just click on the images or links to see the item in more detail.  If you purchase notepads plus other products we can possibly discount the second product – please ask your sales consultant.

Printed Promotional Pens

Product idea #1 - Printed Promotional Pens

A Promotional notepad isn’t much use if you don’t have something to write with.  A branded pen goes hand and hand with a Promotional notepad and is a long-life product that gets your logo and or contact details in front of your customer.

Promotional tip: a pen is a great ‘directional’ product – add a website with your logo so your client can quickly access more information about your company!

Branded Flash Drives

Product idea #2 - Branded Flash

Obviously notepads and pens can only convey a certain amount of material; so why not throw a Flash Drive in to the mix. Not only can they be branded with a logo or message they can be uploaded with materials that otherwise could be missed or forgotten by perspective clients at an event or conference.

Promotional tip: The upload feature is perfect for power point presentations, PDFs or even videos!

Conference Bags

Product idea #3 - Conference Bag

Conference bags serve a great role at both conferences and out in the public. A bag is a great way to hand out your material at an event. It gives your prospective clients something to carry your materials around in and also gives them something other than pamphlets to take home. These conference bags are used over and over by your clients whether it be within their office or in their private lives. This provides your logo/brand with great exposure!

Promotional tip: You never know who your next client may be so a bag that offers a lot of exposure is a great general promotional item!

Corporate Diaries

Product idea #4 - Corporate Diaries

A diary is a great way for your logo/brand to be in front of your client for an entire year! Starting at very low prices, we have a large range of diaries to suit all budgets. They can be used as a corporate gift or a low cost giveaway – the choice yours!


Promotional tip: diaries are used on a constant basis by a wide array of professionals and trades people – with your logo branded on the front cover they will see your logo over and over!


Promotional Frisbees

Product idea #5 - Logo Promotional Frisbees

Not all giveaways have to be office or work-related. Sometimes something completely random and ‘fun’ can play a large role in getting your brand recognised. Frisbees can be taken home by event attendees and given to their children or dog or even used down at the beach and local park. With a large decoration area, Frisbees can communicate a lot of information.

Promotional tip: Often the best way to win a new clients business is to get to them via their hobbies or interests outside of work.  A fun or leisure product or gift that has general appeal will be gratefully received by the vast majority of people.  Gifts create obligation.

Of course, there are hundreds of other items that will be a good promotional partner alongside your notepad.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team