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Green Promotional Products and Carbon Offset Products

High Caliber Line Promotional Products

Since launching our Environmentally Friendly Promotional Product section in April 2007 we have been surprised by the demand for these products.  It is quite clear that Australian companies – large and small are rapidly becoming interested in green purchasing.

One of the problems we face in marketing greener promotional products is that there is not many of them around!  We have developed categories for green promotional products which can be seen by following the above link.

There is now a sixth category we can add to this range and that’s what I want to show you today:-


Carbon Offset Promotional Product (COPP) – a promotional product that’s ‘carbon footprint’ has been calculated and offset by the planting of trees.  You can read more about Carbon Footprints on our webpage:-Promotion Products becomes a Carbon Neutral Business

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As our article in September 2007 identifies there are three distict ways that a company can reduce its carbon impact. 

  1. Make it’s office and processes carbon neutral – we did this last year.
  2. Offset the carbon produced in transporting it’s products.
  3. Offset the carbon produced in manufacturing it’s products.

Following steps 2 & 3 has been virtually impossible for Promotion Products.  We draw 1000’s of products lines from hundreds of factories in Asia.  To audit the factories, their materials and processes is a job for a bigger company than Promotion Products with 2 ½ employees! 

However we are now happy to announce that we have found a source of carbon audited and offset promotional products.  This range of products encompasses bags, headwear, apparel and lifestyle products.  This group of factories have calculated the carbon produced in making their products, transporting them to Australia, Promotion Products decorating them and then the products being freighted to clients.   The figures they have come up with are in the process of being audited by an independent body, once verified we will be able to market their products as ‘Carbon Offset’. 


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Carbon Offset Promotional Products

This innovation (as far as we know) is a world first.  No other group of promotional products can claim Carbon Offset status. This is great news for those who want to use promotional products in a green and sustainable way.  Shortly you will be able to buy tote bags for your conference that are uniquely green, you can promote your brand on baseball caps that have had the carbon offset – you can have a range of promotional merchandise that can be truly said to be environmentally friendly.

Offsetting carbon comes at a cost, costs are being finalised but it looks like that offsetting the carbon in these products will cost around an additional 2%.  We do not think that 2% is a large price to pay to help make our world a better place.

To be available as carbon offset products shortly:-

Carbon Offset Tote Bag – this bag is now truly green. Promotional Tote bag

There will also be cooler bags, picnic bags, compendiums, satchels, laptop bags, travel bags, sports bags and duffle bags.



Carbon Offset Promotional Baseball Cap

The new range will also cover bucket hats and beanies.

Other Carbon Offset Promotional Products:-


When the auditing process has been finalised we will be promoting this range of greener product over and above others – we will let you know as soon as it has been finalised.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

The Promotion Products Team