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A Promotional Pen is a good choice for promoting a brand or a message.  A pen is a functional item that gets used repeatedly by your customer,  such repetition reinforces your message into the head of whoever receives it - making the pen a powerful promotional item.

At Promotion Products we promote products that are, first and foremost, practical and serve a function.  Not only do we have Promotional pens that suit this purpose but many other items, if items are related to a pen, or used by the same sort of people that use pens that can only be good for your promotion.


Other, related, Promotional Products should be considered to be used in tandem with your pens,  we know you are busy so here are ½ dozen other items that could work well with the pens that you require.  Just click on the images or links to see the item in more detail.  If you purchase pens plus other products we can possibly discount the second product – please ask your sales consultant.

Custom promotional notepad

Product idea #1 - Custom Promotional Notepads

Ok, this isn’t rocket science – people who use pens often need something to write on!  A pad like this is ideal for events, conference and tradeshows.  These are also great for general promotion or internal promotions.

Promotional tip:  A notepad features a large branding area so is ideal to be used in conjunction with a pen.  Pens have limited branding areas so a notepad can be used to convey more information about your product or service. 

Promotional Highlighters

Product idea #2 - Logo Branded Highlighters

One of the most popular uses for pens is at conferences.  If you are holding a conference you should consider also consider Promotional Highlighters.  Again these have a larger branding area than pens and are extremely functional items . 

Promotional tip:  Use the larger branding area of the highlighter to highlight one of the key themes of your conference. 

Pen packaging

Product idea #3 - Pen Packaging

If you are buying metal pens consider that they are likely to be used to serve two purposes; promote your brand and secondly to say ‘thank you’ to the recipient.  When we personally give gifts they are usually wrapped or packaged to create an element of intrigue – when was the last time you gave someone a present and did not wrap it?  The same principles apply with corporate gifts and high quality metal pens.

Promotional tip:  Packaging and presentation are important.  A modest investment in a pen box can elevate the perceived value of your gift and thus give it far greater value whilst simultaneously increasing the perception of your brand as being ‘quality’.


Mini compendium

Product idea #4 - Mini Compendium

This is one of our favourite products.  The mini compendium is a dinky 165mm x 110mm and not only has a writing pad but a calculator also.  When opened there is a pen clip to hook your pen into.  Offered in a range of colours it is well priced and can be used in scores of different ways.

Promotional tip:  These are an ideal product to use at tradeshows alongside your pen.  These do cost more than most pens but are a good item to give to qualified clients or on-going customers as something above and beyond a low cost pen that is given out to the masses.



Product idea #5 - Confectionery

Sweeten customers up with some custom branded confectionery.  Varying in cost from lollipops at a few cents to gift boxed chocolate confectionery can add a bit of razzle dazzle to your pen giving.  Pens last for years, unlike confectionery which usually illicit an instant response and interaction with your brand. Pens and lollies work in tandem.

Promotional tips:  Low cost giveaway lollies are an ideal conversation starter at tradeshows, they help open doors for salespeople, they can help your representative engage more deeply with clients: ‘Bob do you have any kids?...yeah...give them some of these’  (low level blackmail).

Of course there are hundreds of other items that will be a good promotional partner alongside your pen.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team