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Promote Your Brand Logo with Printed Lanyards

Promote Your Brand Logo with Printed Lanyards

In today's business parlance, lanyards have become an important part of an official attire. A corporate lanyard refers to a strap that is worn around the neck to keep a company identification visible and handy at all times. Since, the printed lanyards are thin, flexible and easy to use, they have replaced those pin-on name tags that people hate to wear. This convenience factor is one reason why lanyards are becoming popular as promotional items and corporate gifts amongst meeting and convention planners. Besides, promotional lanyards are a hot trend, since more and more companies expect their employees to either wear identification on lanyards during working hours, or have switched to a card-swipe method of punching in and out.

Another point in favour of branded lanyards is the ability to customise them to advertise a product or service. Promotional lanyards are available in several types, shapes and colours to choose from. The printing or embroidery on the lanyard includes many colour choices as well. The combinations can make stunning displays to promote the company's name and logo. Some of the basic types of lanyards include Tube Lanyards, Rope Lanyards, Flat Lanyards, Breakaway Lanyards, Leather Lanyards and many others. These lanyards are made from polyster, nylon, cotton, bamboo, leather, and PET. The diverse range is capable of meeting the demands and budgets of various companies. The most inexpensive of the choices is however, the simple tube lanyard, but even the most stylish of the lot costs only a little higher amount. An added advantage of using these printed lanyards as promotional product is that they propagate a company's eco-friendly attitude. The reason is that two of the materials used in its preparation are directly related to the "green" movement of ecology friendly products - the bamboo and PET.

Custom printed lanyards are extremely popular promotional items and are readily available for purchase through a large number of suppliers. Many suppliers have detailed e-commerce sites that allow buyers to select a lanyard, style and customise it without ever having to leave their office or home. And the finished product is delivered within one to three business days. Since, printed lanyards are an inexpensive source of advertising, they are used as giveaway items at trade shows, seminars, and conferences. They are also used as promotional items at concerts, universities, and other venues.

Besides companies, pet owners also take advantage of lanyards. A lanyard worn around a dog or cat’s neck can be custom printed with the owner’s name, phone number, and address. If the pet gets lost, the custom printed lanyard can provide valuable information to lead to the pet’s safe return.


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