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Promote Your Business with Branded Lanyards

Promote Your Business with Branded Lanyards

If you are looking for an affordable, yet effective tool for advertising your brand, branded lanyards are what you require. Lanyards are pieces of rope, wire, or cloth specifically designed to attach to objects. They are typically used to secure small items, such as a work badge, key, identification card, cell phone, knife, and many other items. A lanyard can be worn around the neck, arm, waist or wrist.

Lanyards have become extremely common nowadays. It is very normal to see ID badges dangling from a person’s neck on a short cord, and on the cord or rope itself, printed the name of a company, or a school or an event. Thus, printed lanyards help identify company members easily. It also promotes a feeling of unity and team spirit amongst the employees. Besides, promotional lanyards also enhance the security aspects of an organisation or event.

Businesses use lanyards in corporate events and activities, such as seminars, conferences and conventions as corporate gifts. In order to increase its utility as promotional items, these corporate lanyards are fitted with different attachments and accessories, including key rings, crocodile clips, snap hooks, mobile phones, and many other devices.

Branded lanyards are considered ideal for use as a medium for advertising because it is easy to custom-print the name of the company and its logo on the badge of the lanyard. Usually it is found that lanyards made of cotton and nylon can be used conveniently for screen printing the name and logo of an organisation. The screen printing reduces the per head cost of these promotional products, making them even more cost effective for the organisation.

Branded lanyards are available in a wide array of designs, colours and patterns in order to suit the  diverse needs of the companies. Custom printed lanyards have found to be popular at events like fundraisers and trade shows. On the other hand, printed lanyards serve the purpose of a personalised lanyard by displaying a person's name and identification at a public event.

However, the most important aspect covered by lanyards is promotion. A promotional lanyard is used to deliver a message to the customer. A lanyard is custom printed to ensure that a company's logo and message are visible to current or potential customers. The cost of branded lanyards is very low, and the items are quickly available in bulk quantities.


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