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Promo Desk Items

Promotional Desk Items are the most popular type of Promotional Product that we offer.  It is easy to understand why they work so well: when you give a client or new potential client a branded desk item you are promoting your brand or message in the location where they make most business decisions!  It is a good idea to consider the full range of desk items that can be branded for your promotion.  Below we list 6 product types and give some promotional tips – why not take 2 minutes to have a quick read?


When buying our products if you select more than one Promotional Desk Item we can, often, offer a discount – just ask you sales consultant for more information.

Corporate Diaries

Product idea #1 - Diaries

A classic promotional item; sometimes overlooked in this day and age – but consider why it is a classic desk item:  a diary is a great way for your logo/brand to be in front of your client for an entire year!  Those that do use a diary use it on a daily basis – that means your logo and message is exposed on a daily basis.

Starting at very low prices, we have a large range of diaries to suit all budgets. They can be used as a corporate gift or a low cost giveaway – the choice yours!

Promotional tip: diaries are used on a constant basis by a wide array of professionals and trades people – select a type that will have appeal to your market – a tradesman will want something hardwearing, compact and with a weekly page view, someone who is office based will appreciate a larger A4 size diary.


Printed Promotinal pens

Product idea #2 -  Pens

Ideal as a desk item pens are ‘budget flexible’ i.e. we have low cost options and more upmarket expensive ones!  Featuring enough branding space for your telephone number in addition to your logo they are excellent for maintaining your brand presence in the minds of clients.

Promotional tip: a pen is a great ‘directional’ product – add a website with your logo so your client can quickly access more information about your company!


Branded flash drives

Product idea #3 - USB Memory

An increasingly popular promotional desk item not only can they be branded with a logo or message they can be uploaded with promotional materials so that they can work on a different level.

Promotional tip: The upload feature is perfect for power point presentations, PDFs or even videos!

Promotional coffee mugs

Product idea #4 - Mugs

When selecting an effective desk item it is essential to concentrate on products that we know people will use time and time again.  Promotional Coffee Mugs are an evergreen promotional desk item – always popular and always being used – always displaying you branding and message.  They may not be new or cutting edge but they are very effective.

Promotional tip: Use the front side of the mug for branding but use the reverse side to promote a service or product that you offer (or maybe list all of your branches or further contact details) – the relatively large print area allows a lot of information to be displayed.

promotional mouse mats

Product idea #5 - Custom Branded Mouse Mats

The Promotional Mouse Mat has not become obsolete with the advent of optical mice. Our sales of them are staying constant – this tells us two things – they still are functional (using materials that are optical friendly) and secondly that they provide an excellent platform for brand promotion. A well designed mouse mat can replace your clients existing one and put your message front and centre on the decision makers desk.

Promotional tip: With a large branding space and the ability to print many mouse mat types with full colour prints at no extra charge a mouse mat represents an unrivalled marketing opportunity. You are only limited by our collective imaginations.

phone charger/holder

Product idea #6 - Phone Holder/Charger

We all have mobiles and need somewhere to put them at our desks  These also need to be charged.  Combine these two needs with the promotion of your logo and you have the phone holder and charger – functional and good looking!

Promotional tip: We can print your logo on this product and incorporate some clever wording on the print space that ties the product and your message together

Of course there are hundreds of other items that can be an effective promotional desk item.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team