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Promotional Lanyards: A Cheap Alternative to Expensive Marketing Strategies

Promotional Lanyards: A Cheap Alternative to Expensive Marketing Strategies

Let us talk about promotional products that are affordable to all businesses and all types of brand promotion campaigns. Promotional lanyards are one of them that is capable of sending the brand message to people in all corners. Lanyards find the best use in large conferences and seminars where giving out a conventional promotional gift to all participants becomes practically difficult. The long lanyards, which carry the brand name on them in a row, acts as the loops or bands for carrying the entry card for the participants to the show.

Promotional lanyards are probably the only alternative to promote your brand name in a big conference in a cost-effective manner. Gifting the smallest promotional item such as a pen or a notepad will result in huge expenses. In the present scenario, when world economy is facing the worst crisis ever, it is unwise to spend a large amount on corporate gifts. Many companies run short of funds for promotional activities. However, you cannot stop promoting your brand name among the most prospective customers. The only solution, in such scenario, is to find out alternative methods that would boost your brand promotion campaign.

Promotional lanyards are available in different models. If you wish to make a change in the way your conference attendees respond to your brand, give out these attractive lanyards as the promotional items. The best samples include the retractable branded lanyards and those with pens. The double function, that of a lanyard and a pen, will double their powers to advertise your brand name among your customers. If you want to create more enthusiasm in your customers, you can give out the lanyards with double ink pen. There is another variety of printed lanyards that feature mini stapler- an essential tool for a conference.

There is one more interesting feature for this special promotional product. The lanyards, unlike other promotional gift items, can feature the brand name more than once. A normal corporate gift features a single or at the most double print. However, there is no such restriction for a lanyard. The entire length of the loop is repeatedly printed with the brand name. Or, if you wish to add some funky message on them, you can do so. Considering this feature, we can say that the lanyards are one of the most practical gifts for a mega corporate event like a seminar, conference, exhibition, etc.


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