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School Promotional Products

Schools are one of the biggest user groups of Promotional Products in Australia.  This growing interest is easily explained; many of the products that we supply are day-to-day items that students use.  For around the same cost as buying these items off-the-shelf we can supply them and brand them with your school logo.  This creates greater school unity and identity.  This webpage is a quick read guide to see the most popular uses of Promotional Items in the school environment.

Further help

Not only can we help by showing you the Promotional Items that work best in Schools, how they are used and why but we can also give financial support by discounting our products.  Simply contact your representative at Promotion Products and tell us what you need.  If you order a suite of products we can discount much more.

To get you started here are four practical ways to use our products in Schools:

Stationary Products

Product idea #1 - Stationery Products

Almost all stationery products that Schools use can be logo branded.  In our experience, the most popular stationery items are (click on links):  Pencils, rulers, erasers, and pencil cases.  These products can be bought by school resource schemes or by the P and C and resold back to parents. 

Promotional tip:  Be organised and by in bulk the products that students will use throughout the year.  Low prices can either be passed directly on to students or profit can be used as a revenue stream for P and C’s.

School Bags

Product idea #2 - School Bags

We offer a range of school bags from sturdy bags with a 3 year warranty to the library and swim bags at lower costs.  All of these bags can feature your school logo to promote in the community.  Follow the link or click on the image above to see our bag range.

Promotional tip:  Think outside the square! – does your school run an annual fare or open day? We have low costs bags that can be used for these – use them to carry school information or sell them to parents to fill with baking. 

School Merchandise Range

Product idea #3 - School Merchandise Range

Our local School is always looking for new ways to raise money for the P and C.  As anyone involved in raising funds knows – it is not easy!  However, we see some schools that have developed a range of Promotional merchandise with great success.  These items all feature your school logo.  Think of items that kids use at school (or could use) – here are some ideas: Safety Bag Tag, Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles, Sunscreen, or Sports Towels

Promotional tip:  Most schools run a uniform shop so already have a place where branded merchandise can be sold! good fundraising margins can be made on merchandise so why not get cracking?

School Uniforms

Product idea #4 - School Uniforms

The supply of uniforms can be a time consuming and costly business.  Often new P and C committees arrive and choose a new uniform or garment.  Stock handling becomes an issue and $1 000’s can be tied up in stock.  It shouldn’t be like this.  An increasing amount of schools are simplifying their uniform range.  We can help if you want to go from multiple garments to a smaller range of polo shirts, sports clothing items, jumpers etc.  We can sell shirts like the above to you for around $20-$25 depending on your required quantity.

Promotional tip:  Keep your clothing range simple and focus on quality garments that can be effectively branded with your school crest.

There are many ways we can help your School.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply in addition to your automatic School discount.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team