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Promotional Sunscreen from Promotion Products

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Promotional Sunscreen Supplier

We all like to enjoy ourselves outdoors during summer. However in Australia we have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world.  Recently Promotional Sunscreen has hit the market and is proving to be one of this years hottest new Corporate Promotional items.  All sunscreen sold in Australia must comply with relevant regulations. Promotion Products offers a few different types and sizes of Promotional Sunscreen.

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Custom Sunscreen 65mL SPF 50+

65ml Promotional Sunscreen

Broad spectrum Promotional Sunscreen-very high protection from UVA and UVB rays, Up to 3 hours water resistant, Only lightly fragranced, Moisture rich formulation contains vitamin E, Soothes nourishes and protects, Suitable for sensitive skin, Made in Australia SPF 50+.

Carabiner Sunscreen 25mL SPF 50+

25ml Promotional Sunscreen

More SPF 50+ Suncream, but this time in a ‘hands free’ 40ml applicator.

Good corporate promotion is a marriage between getting you name or message into the right hands and also providing the recipient with something of value or function.  We can think of few branded items that off better promotional impact than Promotional Sunscreen.

Get Promotional Sunscreen Pricing – click here

Printed Promotional Sunscreen is just one of the many corporate promotion items you will find here at Promotion Products. Simply click here to see some more outdoor promotional ideas or call 1300 303 717 and ask to speak to account manager for no obligation promotional product advice.