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Top 5 Tips to Choose Promotional T-Shirts

Top 5 Tips to Choose Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional T-shirts are undoubtedly the preferred choice of promotional products for many companies. However, buying a T-shirt for a promotional event is often painful, considering the complexity involved in choosing the designs, size and material of the T-shirt.

Here are five tips that help you choose the promotional T-shirts for your customers or employees without much hurdle.

  1. Choose the fabric according to the climate condition: Though everyone knows this rule of choosing the lightweight and airy T-shirts for summer and the insulated fabric for winter, there are chances that you ignore this rule if you get a good bargain on some clothing items which are not suitable for the present climate. You may argue that your customers will keep them till next season, but who knows whether it will retain its quality till then? It is always better to think about the present and choose the promotional products that find the immediate use.
  1. Do not ever sacrifice the quality: When you give out promotional T-shirts, you expect that your customers be impressed of it and they use it for a long time. For this, you have to offer good quality products that can impress all types of customers. A slight ignorance to such details may result in great damage to the reputation of your brand.
  1. Have an estimate of the size before hand: Well, it is practically difficult to get the measure of your customers or employees whom you want to gift the branded T-shirts as corporate gifts. Yet, you can get an approximate idea of the age group of the people attending the event, so you can get the approximate number of T-shirts according to the age groups that are likely to attend the function. You may prepare with a different design for ladies’ T-shirts.
  1. Get them printed aesthetically: Among all promotional items, promotional clothing is the most complicated gift in terms of the brand design. T-shirts have to be printed or embroidered considering the interests of the users. They should not look too gaudy with your brand name and logo. No one likes to be featured as a brand display object. 
  1. Choose the best-quality print: Printed T-shirts easily lose their charm because the print fades out after two or three washes. To avoid this, you have to find the most appropriate printing materials that suit the particular fabric you chose for the T-shirt.


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