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Tradeshow Promo Products

Tradeshows cost a lot of money to host.  When attending Tradeshows it is a good idea to maximise your return on investment  - many costs can be racked up – planning, booth costs, displays, brochures, freight, air fares, hotel accommodation and letting your customers know that you will be there.  These costs all add up quickly as anyone who has planned a tradeshow can tell you!  When serious amounts of money have been spent you want to be sure that visitors remember you and your products and services.   The effective use of Promotional Product marketing is one way to make sure that all this money you outlay is an effective use of your marketing budget.

Just like any other aspect of your tradeshow it is a good idea to plan how best to use Promotional Products.  To help you do this here are 6 product ideas and promotional tips for your next tradeshow. Why not take the time to read through this and click on the links and see if you have missed anything?

(please note  - if you order a few  different products we can give you extra discounts)

A4 Notepads (25 Leaves)

Product idea #1 - Custom Promotional Notepads

Ok, this isn’t rocket science – people who attend tradeshows often need something to write on!  An A6 pad like this is ideal not only for tradeshows but are also great for general promotion or internal promotions.

Promotional tip: It is realistic to assume your clients will also be visiting the stands of your competitors, they will be taking notes also – wouldn’t it be a good idea for them to be taking notes on one of your notepads – with your message and branding subconsciously going into their heads?


Product idea #2 - Printed Promotional Pens

The Promotional notepads at idea #1 aren’t much use if you don’t have something to write on them with!  A branded pen goes hand in hand with a promotional notepad and is a long life product that gets your logo and contact details in front of your customer.

Promotional tip:  A Pen is a great ‘directional’ product – add a website with your logo so your client can quickly access more information about your conference or company.  Pens last longer than pads so make sure you are supplying products that have different life spans – ensuring that your contact details are remembered long after the event.

Tradeshow Bags

Product idea #3 - Tradeshow Bags

We have Australia’s best value range of Conference and Tradeshow bags - our purchase volume ensures low costs, low costs that we pass on to you – our  valued client.

Promotional tip:  There is something satisfying looking around a tradeshow and seeing  scores of your bags showing off your logo.  On a practical level this means you logo and message is being taken in by hundreds of people.  Bags are obviously a functional item – functional products make for the best promotions.

LIght up luggage tags

Product idea #4 - Light Up Luggage Tag

Sometimes there are individual giveaway products that become the star of a tradeshow.  The light up luggage tag is a functional item that works extremely well – not only will most attendees be travelling home and be able to use the product quickly

Promotional tip: a great idea is to attach these to clients belt buckles and sleeves there and then at your booth.  When they walk around the tradeshow they will start flashing – other visitors will start asking where they got them – get ready for an avalanche of interest at your stand!

Product idea #5 - Branded Promotional Flash Drives

In our experience there are three broad categories of visitors to any stand.  Tyre kickers, middle quality new prospects and then, lastly, quality, prospects and customers.  It is a good idea to target these groups with different giveaways and gifts.  The last group of quality prospects and customers can be bribed or rewarded with a higher value gift than the masses.  A flash drive has a high perceived value but it’s ability to store information or presentations gives it immediate appeal as a gift.

Promotional tip: The upload feature is perfect for power point presentations, PDFs or even videos! You can include very detailed material in the flash drive rather than giving clients cumbersome paper material that may get discarded quickly.

Product idea #6 - Lollies

Lastly! – staying with the idea of giving attendees products that work in various ways why not sweeten them up with some custom branded confectionery?  Varying in cost from lollipops at a few cents to gift boxed chocolate confectionery they are budget flexible.

Promotional tip:  Low cost giveaway lollies are an ideal conversation starter at tradeshows, they can help people to interact with your message or brand straightaway whilst you can strike up a conversation with them.

The staff here at Promotion Products have helped organise the Promotional Items for hundreds of tradeshows.  You can draw on our experience – please call us on 1300 303 717.  We are here to help make your event a success!, we look forward to talking with you soon.


The Promotion Products Team