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A Wide Assortment Of Branded Lanyards: Just For You

A Wide Assortment Of Branded Lanyards: Just For You

You may ask: What is the need to describe a branded lanyard? After all, it is just a strap of nylon or cotton that can be worn around the neck as a badge holder; isn’t it? Well, you said right. Branded lanyards are just a strap or a string designed to hold the badge in proper place, but what you perhaps don’t know about them is the immense variety available in their design and utility features. As you see in other promotional products, revolutionary designs are available for the simple and ordinary promotional lanyards too.

Look at one example, the branded lanyards with a retractable wheel. Have you ever used them for your brand promotion activities? If yes, you would have by now, realised their potential in the market of corporate gifts. They are totally different from other products because they are extraordinary. They have all qualities required for promotional items. The round wheel around which the string is wound is the best place where you can print your brand's name or logo. They look elegant too. Because of their multiple utilities, many customers preserve the retractable lanyards for many days. All throughout, they act as brand advertisements.

Another interesting category of branded lanyard is the pen lanyard. Many of you must have seen them in conferences. Today, you can see many varieties of them, featuring different types of pens and additional utility features added to them. For example, there is one model of retractable lanyard featuring a retractable pen. The branded pen is twistable and can be folded into half. There is another type of corporate lanyard that features dual-ink pen. They also find the best use during conferences, especially when the people have to take down important notes.

If you are still looking for more varieties in promotional lanyards, of course, there are more. Look at the new version of lanyard with a stapler attached to it. The stapler is small so that it does not look odd when hung around the neck. Also, they help the people do their work with a more efficient hand. This is another added functionality of the lanyards found in many corporate events today.

With such varieties available for printed lanyards, you can proceed with them for your upcoming brand promotion activities. The branded lanyards are the preferred promotional items for many companies. Thanks to their cost-efficient nature and higher return on investment (ROI).


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