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Corporate Christmas Gifts from Promotion Products

Corporate Christmas Gift Supplier

Corporate Christmas Gift Supplier

Promotion Products is a supplier of Corporate Christmas Gifts. The act of giving at Christmas is very important in Western culture. At Promotion Products our job is too help client companies communicate effectively with their customers and staff through the use of Promotional Products, giving good quality Corporate Business Gifts is a strategy used by clever companies.

Lets take a bit of a look at the reasons why it makes good business sense to give Corporate Christmas Gifts.

Staff Christmas Gifts

Staff are tremendously important to good businesses.  Studies have shown that staff performance is strongly related to staff morale.  One of the key factors contributing to good staff morale is the feeling of being an appreciated part of the team.  When staff feel valued they will give more – more of their time and more effort, which in turn has a positive impact on the business.

An upmarket Ferre brand metal pen as a Christmas Gift

Auusie BBQ Set

This all may sound blindingly obvious, most managers would say that the easiest way to make staff feel appreciated is to pay them more.  We disagree.  It is of course vitally important to pay staff accordingly to their contribution to the business, however we feel that an easier and much cheaper way to show staff that they are appreciated is to give them gifts, let me explain…

If you have an employee and pay them $40 000 a year, you could give them a pay rise of 3%.  The figure of 3% will not excite most staff, most will not work out that’s an extra $1200 a year!  Numbers, unless they are big do not excite and inspire staff and therefore motivate them to perform.

Kitchen Set

Stylish Clock corporate gift idea

Contrast that with a strategy used by a large company that we know well.  Every year they throw a birthday party to celebrate the company’s birthday, then at Christmas they have a mega-bash, lastly they give staff a high quality Corporate Christmas Gift and ½ dozen bottles of wine.  These parties, gift and wine cost $300 a head per year.  This company has a reputation for being one of the best to work for in Australia, they have high staff retention and low absenteeism.

Parties and gifts may seem like excessive behaviour to some bosses, in our opinion the $300 a staff member party and gift strategy is the lowest cost staff motivator about - to receive you must give and all that!

This strategy of Corporate Christmas Gift giving works equally as well for companies with a dozen employees as well as the above example of thousands of employees, make your staff feel appreciated by the tangible act of giving and you shall gain that investment back with interest.

Styleish bottle opener

Wine kit

Promotion Products has many great quality Staff Christmas Gifts.  Why not check out our new Premium Gift Gallery for some ideas – we can brand any of these items with your logo too!

Client Christmas Gifts

Clients are ,quite obviously, central to business success.  Good clients who keep coming back for more are worth their weight in gold.  We have all heard about the research that shows that it costs 10 times more to get new clients as it does to retain existing ones.

We do accept that the single most important factor in maintaining repeat custom is making sure your product or service is better than the opposition – we can’t help you with that but we can help you with the next most important way to retain client goodwill – making them feel valued.

A good quality Corporate Christmas Gift can cost just a few dollars, giving this to a client is a tangible way to show them there business is appreciated, it is a nice way to round of the year – a way of defining how much you appreciate their business.  It is the feeling of being taken for granted or not being appreciated that drives good clients elsewhere, Client Christmas Gifts are the cheapest way to express that business is appreciated.

Promotion Products has a great range of Corporate Christmas Gifts, some of them are here at our Premium Gift Gallery.

Remember, Promotion Products can organise the decoration of your company or corporate logo or message onto a huge range of brandable items visit our homepage to check them all out. Call 1300 303 717 at anytime for help or advice.