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Promotional Products Examples

Nothing bring us more joy than seeing you happy with the promotional merchandise you receive! Whether you’re looking for some ideas or want to show off how good your logo looks on your promotional products you’ve come to the right place! Share your pictures with us by getting in touch with your account manager, email us at sales@promotionproducts.com.au or catch us on any of our social media channels!

These are real stories from real customers! Don’t stop at just getting your promo merch – share it with the world on social media and here to maximise your promotional potential!

10 Tips for choosing promotional products for your organisation

  1. Consider products that are relevant to your organisation or industry.
  2. Think about how practical an item is and how often it will be used.
  3. Cheaper is not always better, carefully consider the life of a product and how valuable it will be to your customers or clients.
  4. Look for products with a maxiCOLOUR (Full Colour) decoration. It’s a high quality print with unlimited colours and stands out!
  5. Some products can be done quicker than others – when is your deadline? You can save by purchasing factory direct but this will take longer.
  6. Think from the perspective of your target demographic. What types of products would they be interested in?
  7. Consider where and the size that your logo will be displayed – size and location can play a huge impact on how effective a product is for marketing.
  8. What colour is your logo? Select a product with colours that compliment them or do not draw attention away.
  9. Environmentally friendly products are a great way to put your organisation in a positive light and they can usually be reused!
  10. Be brave and don’t be afraid to try something a little different that will stand out from the crowd.