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Developing your Promotion

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Any logo promotional product campaign will work better if it is properly planned. Promotion Products will help you with this giving you targeted, timely and cost-effective results, call us for more information. In the meantime let us share these rules of promotion with you, follow them and you will have a more effective campaign. Take five minutes to write down your answers to these questions.

What is your promotional objective?

Do you want customers to know about a new product, get a new rep through customers doors, increase brand awareness or have your details in the hands of purchasing managers every day? If you can state your objective you are more likely to attain it. Write it down, keep it short!

Who is your target audience?

You must have a clear idea of who is going to receive these products. Do they belong to a particular industry? Is it solely your staff?Building a quality list of targets is very important, your campaign will only be as good as your list of names. List your target groups then list their names or how many they are.

How will you distribute the product?

Direct mail is obviously suited to sending light items, representatives can deliver gifts whilst doing a regular sales call or you can use our courier services. Consider the weight of items for postage, consider the impact of a well presented gift boxed item delivered by courier, consider the instant goodwill towards your company when a rep hands out a gift. Which will work for you?

What is your theme?

Your brand (every business has one - even if they do not know it!) is one of the most valuable parts of your business. It must be recognisable to your clients and any advertising or promotional campaign should 'fit' your brand i.e. BMW are not going to entice customers with fridge magents to purchase a $70 000 car! It would not be appropriate for Kev the plumber to give clients an upmarket set of promotional wine glasses and custom labelled wine bottles. Make the product fit your business, brand, message and target market.

What is your message?

Identifying your promotional objective and theme will lead you to developing a message. Again - what is your business?, what is your promotional objective?, what do you want your customers to do? Answers to these questions may be 'we provide an industry leading service in the IT sector' and 'more sales from an upcoming trade show' and 'call us now!' This customer should try offering trade show attendees a gift that reflects it's status as an industry leader, perhaps a gift with a technological them branded with their logo. They could also incorporate a message as simple as 'call now for service'. What is your promotional objective? Will your message satisfy it?

What products will work for you?

Many companies choose promotional products based solely on price and try to 'max' their budget i.e. you are selecting a gift for the IT company in the above example. Your budget is $7 per attendeee do you 'max' your budget with a $7 baseball cap or settle on a $4 promotional mousemat? Products that have a parallel with your industry work well, they can lead customers to make a subconscious connection between you and that product.

What sort of products are related to your industry?

How much can you spend?

You might think this is the first question we should ask! However as has been shown above a 'budget' approach can sometimes deliver inappropriate products. Consider the long term value of quality items, they are more expensive but they will have far greater imapct. 'Perceived value' (how much your customer thinks the gift is worth) and uniqueness are also important considerations.

List the products that will suit your company, promotion, theme and message, then get costs; you may go a little over budget, you may come under.

What is the delivery date?

As with anything in business, Promotional Product marketing is more effective if it is well planned and executed. Do not underestimate how long some products may take to be produced. You will probably want to see product samples (2-3 days), gather your artwork, may like to have a decorated production sample (1-2 weeks), proceed with actual order (1-4 weeks, overseas sourced products longer), have product shipped to your warehouse (1 day to 1 week) and then finally distribute the product yourself. Promotion Products will move heaven and earth to meet tight schedules but...planning saves everyone a lot of sweat.

Call Promotion Products for accurate delivery dates.