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What are Promotional Products?

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Any product, from a promotional pen to a promotional polo shirt, apromotional cap to a coffee machine - we can put your logo or message on. There is no limit to what we can decorate for you, if you can imagine it chances are we will have it or find it. Take a look at our product galleries on the left hand side for some ideas.

Why use Promotional Products?

In the advertising industry the effectiveness of an advert is measured by:-

How many people it reaches, how many times they see it, do they relateto it? Do they recall what it was selling? Will it make them buy?

We cannot think of any other sort of advertising that is as effective as promotional products at delivering you exposure to customers and generating goodwill that leads to sales. Consider these examples:-

  1. promotional clockA low cost item like a promotional fridge magnet, promotional pen or promotional ruler will offer your company a lot of repeat advertising exposure to your customer. Your logo/message (or perhaps something as simple as your telephone number) will always be at hand - they will not have to pick up the Yellow Pages to find your (and your competitors) details.
  2. Being given a mid priced item like a promotional deskclock, promotional mousemat or promotional coffeemug will show your existing customers that you appreciate them,they will thank you for it, which in turn will generate goodwilltowards you and your business. Furthermore it will give years ofdaily exposure to your logo/message. The cost of pre exposure (toyour message) will be miniscule.
  3. Top clients and staff are hugely important to our business and they will be to yours too. Studies have shown that happy staff are productive staff and you will know how much business, say, your top twenty five customers provide. A $30 thank you gift will represent less than 1/1000 of most employees yearly pay! It may be a smaller fraction of a contract you are tendering for or the annual sales volume of clients. Some of the most successful companies we know are not huge payers but have a focus on staff contentment and showing them they are appreciated. They often use PromotionalProducts as gifts. Patting someone on the back and telling them they are wonderful is good but the act of giving is a lot more powerful.

When you contact Promotion Products you will not be alone. All sorts of companies are turning to us to deliver promotional products marketing solutions that suit and work for them. The reasons for this success are clear, let us share them with you.