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Six Reasons why Promotion Products work

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Promotional Products are targeted. You select the audience. No waste, none end up in the bin, people don't miss them because they 'put the kettle on' or turn the page on them to read the sports section. Who do you need to get through to?

Longevity / Value

A good quality Promotional Product will be around for years and will be used on a daily basis by your client. No other media offers as much exposure to customers. WOrk out the cost per customer exposure of other advertising you use. Promotional Keyrings give longevity and value.


Good business is based on relationships. Giving Promotional Products to customers strengthens these relationships and creates and obligation towards doing business with you and your business. Have yu ever received a Christmas card from someone you didn't expect and then bought them one because you felt obliged to?


There are so many applications for Promotional Product marketing that a listing of them would look like the Sydney phone book. If you can't think how Promotion's products can help you please fill in the Promotion product finder sheet and fax back to us. There are Promotional Product solutions for all businesses large and small.

Budget Flexible

From a few cents to hundreds of dollars we have products to suit all budgets. You may have only $500 to spend, but consider what could be achieved by a longer, fully costed and planned Promotional Product campaign. Start budgeting and planning for your future Promotional Product use.


Other than delivering your message our products actually have uses! OK so they can't run you a bath or make you a cup of tea!, but if they can tell the time, hold some tea, or write a letter with they are going to be of value to your customer or staff. Think of what sort of gifts will work for your customer, what will you reward your staff with?