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Gift Ideas for Corporate Merchandise

Also called business gifts, corporate gifts are actually presents that your company gives to important clients, suppliers, members of your company, and to people who are recognized as giving exemplary service to your business. These corporate gifts can be given on special occasions like birthdays, company anniversaries, holidays, and recognition days. These can also be given to heads of certain companies that you might be looking to work with in the future or are looking to deal with. When choosing Corporate Merchandise to give to such important people, extra care is often practiced. Merchandise for Corporate Gift Packages The Corporate Merchandise used when it comes to corporate gifts are often of the highest quality, which usually means that these are often rather expensive. This means that most of the people who receive these gifts actually receive carefully chosen items that are of utmost value. This is to show them just how much your company values them. Items that are given to these important people, however, carry small reminders of the company that gave these to them. This is done with the use of branding or the putting of your company name or logo on these gifts. Hence they become branded gifts. Some Ideas for Corporate Gifts When you are trying to decide on what type of Corporate Merchandise you can use for your branded gifts, you might first want to consider the person or people you are giving these gifts to. Since these branded gifts will be carrying your company logo or name on them, you might want to choose rather tasteful items that will still be appreciated by the recipient. Here are some ideas:
  • Crystal or glass paperweight. This can have your company logo stencilled on it or under it. This can come in a number of shapes and can be given along with other items that can be used on a corporate desk.
  • Fountain pens. Your company name can also be on these pens, either stencilled on them or engraved on the pen's leather case.
  • Leather covered planner. This is probably one of the most common Corporate Merchandise used for gift giving. This is always a well-received gift since it is very useful. You can have your company logo stamped on the leather cover and your company name printed on each page inside.
  • Leather desk set. This is often composed of a few items that may include a few pens, a notepad, letter opener, penholder, and desk calendar.
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