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Wholesale Backpacks and Other Promotional Bags for Gifts

Companies everywhere often think about what kinds of promotional gifts would be best for certain marketing campaigns that they have and one of the choices is promotional bags. There are a lot of different kinds of bags that can be used for this purpose and among these choices is the backpack. For this promotional gift idea to work and to be cost effective, you will need to purchase Wholesale Backpacks that can fit into your marketing budget and can easily sport your company's name or logo on it. These Wholesale Backpacks are ideal as promotional gifts when your company specializes in products that are meant for use outdoors or if your services involve activities where a backpack is useful. Different Promotional Bags for Your Marketing Needs Discount Wholesale Backpacks may be an ideal promotional item for some companies to give out but there are some who feel that these kinds of bags are too big or too wieldy to give away easily at events like tradeshows and conventions. This usually results in the purchase and use of other types of promotional bags as promotional gifts. Here are some of the types of bags more commonly used as marketing tools:
  • Tote bags. These are probably the most cost effective and the easiest items to give out to people out of all the promotional bag types out there. These totes are often made for use with grocery shopping and can be given out as giveaways at tradeshows and conventions easily since these can be folded into rather small rectangles.
  • Drawstring bags. Just as easy to hand out as tote bags, the drawstring bag is also considered a popular marketing tool to use at conventions and trade shows. These bags are often made with cotton, recycled polycanvas, and other similar materials.
  • Duffel bags. These are also used as promotional bags by certain companies who can afford to have bigger bags made for their marketing needs. These can be smaller duffel bags, slightly bigger sports duffel bags, or even larger travel duffel bags.
  • Sports bags. Just like Wholesale Backpacks, you can actually get certain sports bags at a cheaper price if you buy them in bulk. The company who makes your promotional products for you can get you a good price for these items if you order them in bulk since these companies do have contacts and suppliers that can give them discounts on these items if they are ordered in huge numbers.
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