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Attract more Customers with Your Company Gifts

Promotional merchandise is helpful when boosting your business promotions. They can be used as tools for advertising as well as tokens of gratitude to your customers especially during conferences and trade shows. Since Company Gifts mirror your company's reputation, choosing the right giveaways can be a daunting task. Here are tips you can consider:
  • Food. Food-related advertising items are mostly used in gift-giving occasions. If you are from a town with a food trademark, then sending them as gifts is a good idea. It would be better to use non-perishable items or store perishable items in tightly sealed containers just in case your client is out of town.
  • Buy items that are on sale. If you are tight on budget, you can have huge savings when buying items that are on sale. Your gifts does not have to be expensive. They just need to come from your heart.
  • Give them something they can use. Clients will appreciate it more if they will receive something useful.
  • Deliver Company Gifts personally. If you have the resources to do so, then why not? Your clients will feel how much you value them. Say your greetings and goodbyes then leave immediately unless you have been invited to stay longer.
  • Know who your recipients are. Giving the wrong gift could be very embarrassing and can affect your company's standing.
  • Know that gift giving is not always appreciated. There are people who get displeased especially if they receive them frequently.
  • If you had the gift delivered through a courier service, ask if it has been successful. Never call the recipient if they received it.
  • Buy them in advance especially when holidays or special occasions are approaching. One thing that should be avoided is consumer rush. This will save you from unimaginable high prices and delays on your gift giving.
Choose Your Promotional Merchandise The market has a variety of items to select from that can be used as your promotional merchandise. Here is a list of items you can think about using as Company Gifts:
  • USB flash drive
  • Promotional memory stick
  • Branded or ordinary pen
  • Traveller's mug
  • Custom notebooks or sticky note pads
  • Gift certificates
  • Antiseptic wet wipes
  • Stress ball
  • 20 ml handy sanitizer
  • Mini calculators
  • Stylish book ends
  • Unique-designed highlighter
  • Desk clocks or watches
  • Classy wallet
  • Tote bags
  • Custom Rubik's cube
  • Artistic paper weights
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