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Eco Friendly Personalised Bags for Marketing

These days, the need to promote your company as well as help keep the environment safe from pollution and from an increase in garbage that is being thrown out day after day is becoming one of the hottest trends around. More and more companies are jumping on the eco friendly promotional products bandwagon and are now doing promotional advertising with the use of eco friendly products that can be easily found on catalogues that promotional companies have. One of the more popular products that belong to the eco-friendly promotional products list are Personalised Bags that can be used over and over again for doing your grocery shopping with and for carrying around other items you may need to bring along to places. Different Kinds of Personalised Bags for Promotional Advertising Eco friendly Personalised Bags that can be used for promotional advertising can come in many shapes and forms and these include the most common one, which is the grocery tote. Other types of Personalised Bags that your company can use and can get made with environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, woven jute, and recycled polypropylene include not only grocery totes but other tote bag designs as well like the spa tote bag and the purse-like tote bag. Other bag designs that can become Personalised Bags that carry your company's logo and name on them to help with your promotional advertising needs include the following designs:
  • Drawstring backpack. This kind of bag usually uses organic cotton or woven jute and can come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your company's marketing needs.
  • Portfolio Brief Bag. Not many people know that there are Branded Personalised Bags that are made with recycled material that can actually be used in a corporate aspect. These types of bags are often partly made with recycled PET fabric and are often given away as environmentally friendly corporate gifts.
  • Messenger Bag. Also partly made with recycled PET fabric, this kind of bag is an ideal choice for those campaigns that target students and young professionals. You can have your logo printed with the use of non-PVC paint to help continue with the environmental theme of these bags.
  • Sports Duffel Bag. These kinds of bags are often made with the use of recycled PET material as well. These are often given out as corporate gifts or as part of a sporting set for employees who are part of the company team or are athletes sponsored by your company.
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