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How Promotional Stubby Holders Are Made

Those cylindrical, rubber-like contraption wrapped around a beer bottle that people grip to when having a drink is sometimes a fascinating piece of art. Aside from being one of the common promotional gifts today, Promotional Stubby Holders are aesthetically pleasing because of the beautiful artwork often printed on them. How do these amazing pieces of cloth, rubber, and neoprene came about? What are the stages in making them? To better understand this, the following are the steps they go through:
  1. Believe it or not, stubby holders did not appear round or cylindrical at the start. Instead, what is later to become the soft round skin of beer bottles is a piece of square rubber material first, measuring about 6 x 6 inches, although this measurement is by no means standard as beer bottles vary in sizes. When used in promotions, the sizes are even more varied because other beverage containers have either larger or smaller containers than the bottle aside from being of a different shape.
  2. Once the size has been determined, the rubber's surface is then coated with either fabric or neoprene. This will form the surface of Promotional Stubby Holders. In this stage, the stubby holder takes shape of what it will look when finished. The neoprene or fabric added to the rubber is printed beforehand with the marks of the company. Putting it on top of the rubber is often done through the use of glue. It is sometimes embroidered.
  3. Once the neoprene or foam is in place, the next step is now to wound two edges of the material together to form a cylinder. To bring the edges together, it is often stitched. Sometimes this is possible by using very strong glue with emphasis given on its ability to withstand moisture since Promotional Stubby Holders are often used when drinking cold liquids.
  4. After the material is wound into the final cylindrical shape, the add-ons are added. These are often in the form of closing mechanisms that are used to make the stubby holder a handy and portable companion. A drawstring here or Velcro closures are some of the most common add-ons.
  5. The next step, as far as promotions is concerned, is to pack the Promotional Stubby Holders prior to distribution to the public. Sometimes, they are paired with other promotional gifts like corporate clothing, which enhances their appeal with the public.

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