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More Than Just Your Regular Drink Bottle Promotional

Commonly designed and made from polymer resin, a Drink Bottle Promotional is a water container that can also be conveniently used to store and bring along other beverages. Surveys have revealed that the plastic variety is a more popular favorite among many users, and this shouldn't be a surprise when they offer more advantages compared to their glass and aluminum counterparts. Let's check out these benefits you gain from these promotional gifts.
  • Topping the list is the fact that using Drink Bottle Promotional in your marketing campaigns is inexpensive. Plastic is relatively cheaper than aluminum and glass, so more and more businesses will be able to make use of these drink bottles as promotional items without hurting their budgets too much.
  • These promotional gifts will be well appreciated by their recipients because they are durable and should prove to be functional for them for a very long time. Plastic is a pliable material so no simple dropping or hitting will break your plastic drink bottles.
  • If your business is into promoting the wise use and conservation of the environment, it would do your company good if you will make use of drink bottles as promotional items. Plastic is easily recyclable, and producing new plastic products from recycled materials is a very energy-efficient process compared to using raw materials.
  • Polyethylene terephthalate has been certified safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration so it can be used in water and beverage containers such as your Printed Drink Bottle Promotional without posing any harm of contaminating the content with any toxic chemicals. Compared to the glass drink bottles, these cool promotional gifts are likewise safer as they do not present any dangers such as shards or jagged edges.
  • It should also be noted that plastic drink bottles are significantly lighter compared to the aluminum and glass varieties. With this benefit comes the convenience of being able to carry them or bring them with you most of the time, the affordable shopping charges, and minimal labor in transporting them.
  • When you're talking about water containers, it is important that you use materials that will make your consumers check out how clear the water contained in them are. Here, clarity is indispensable. And this is what you get with your Drink Bottle Promotional used as promotional items.

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