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Promotional Rulers for Promoting Your Company

The use of rulers as promotional material is a traditional yet still effective way in attracting clients to remember and patronize your products. Although it may sound like rulers are just for grade school, rulers are actually used in varied industry and business including several crafts such as handy craft, dress making and design, architectural works, and even in engineering. It may not be evident because most people tend to ignore such a trivial measuring like rulers but it actually has varied uses. A lot of people of different ages from school children to hobbyists and professionals use rulers. So why not use rulers as your promotional material? Most of your clients would appreciate your Promotional Rulers because of its varied uses. Tips to Remember for Promotional Rulers If you have decided to make use of rulers as your promotional material, try to remember these few useful tips to make your Promotional Rulers a hit among your clients. These tips include:
  • Avoid giving out long Promotional Rulers because taking them along in bags may cause inconvenience for your clients. Choose at most a 12-inch ruler. If possible, choose a shorter one to make them appear handy.
  • Choose the right colour. If you have a company colour, choose it for your promo rulers to strengthen your company identity. Make sure that your logo would still be clearly visible despite the colour or design of your promo item. After all, your objective for giving out promotional materials is to advertise your product through the company giveaway. If you do not have a company colour, choose a vibrant and happy colour to make it catch some attention. Another reason why you should choose a happy colour is to make the ruler easier to locate amidst the usual mess and clutter in work areas. Since rulers are generally slender, the chances of losing it are higher. So make your promo item as user friendly as possible by getting the right eye-catching colour. This can make it quite an effective promotional item.
  • Pick the right design. If possible, make it simple to make your logo or product more visible to ensure that your client would focus on your company product alone and not on the drawings on the ruler. A simple logo design for a promo ruler would also make it appear chic and trendy.
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